Advantages of vibrators for your sex life at home

How to use the vibrator: Instructions for girls

You chose for a long time and finally bought your first vibrator toy. A little worrying and at the same time already quietly aroused by anticipation of unknown hitherto pleasure, you quickly unpack it. And here is what needs to be done while using a vibrator for the first time:

To study the instruction

It is clear that the pens are already drawn to the toy, but the first thing you should take from this box is the instruction.

To begin with, it should be at least superficially reviewed, especially recommendations for use. Attention should be paid to the following points:

  • Is it possible to immerse the device in water?
  • With lubricant on which basis is it recommended to use?
  • How to clean a toy before and after use?
  • How to manage speeds and modes?

Inspect the vibrator.

Now that the first information has been received, you can take an intimate vibrator in your hands, carefully examine it, feel it and make sure that everything is fine (at least outwardly).

Charge or insert batteries.

By this time, you will probably already unbearably want to turn it on. And for this vibrator, you must charge or insert batteries into it. Sometimes they are bundled, and sometimes they have to be bought separately.

Deal with the management.

Now that the device is ready to turn it on, holding it in your hands. Try all modes and control buttons. Having understood the management immediately, you will save yourself from unnecessary difficulties in moments of pleasant experiences.


Before using the vibrator, it is essential not only to wash it but to sanitise it thoroughly. During the production, packaging, transportation, it could touch the wrong hands, and dust could settle on the surface. Therefore it is essential to process the toy with the help of lubricant. These substances can be found in the pharmacy, and they will destroy the pollution that is not visible to the eyes. It is not recommended to use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or other compounds; they can react with the material and damage it.

Two basic vibrator control settings

Each vibrator, depending on its model, will have its own functional set. The basis of the impact is of course vibration, but it can be different depending on the settings. There are two main settings, this is:

Speed ​​(vibration frequency) – the lower the rate of vibrations, the coarser it is, the higher – the smaller it is, and the fluctuations are more frequent. As a rule, this parameter is regulated by buttons or a rotary relay (twist) at the base of the toy. In some models to which mobile applications are created, this parameter can be set directly in the claim itself. See the types of control vibrators.

Figures are when the frequency changes according to a specific pattern (or graphics) in some short period. This drawing is looping and continuously repeating. There may be several such drawings depending on the model. As a rule, the more expensive the vibrator model is, the more vibration patterns it has. They are also switched using the buttons or through the application.

Of course, at the very beginning, when you first start using the vibrator, the drawings will not be useful to you, since these are already more sophisticated settings for more experienced users. You will need the pictures later when you already know a lot about this business and understand your tastes and preferences correctly. If you are just familiar with this sex toy, then it will be enough for you only to regulate the frequency of vibrations (speed).

As mentioned above, when meeting with the device, it is essential to deal with management immediately, so that in the process of caressing you should not be distracted, but quickly adjust the work of the toy to your needs.

Lubricant for gentle interaction with the vibrator

Now that you have understood the functionality of your vibrator and its settings, it is time to mention another critical attribute that is designed to make vibrations and touches even gentler. Talking about lubricants, when using any vibrator is required for the better result. It will help the device slide smoothly over the body. The particular composition of the oil every touch of the vibrator will make it more sensual and comfortable.

Generally, lubricants are on a different basis:

  • On water;
  • On silicone;
  • On oil.

Most sex toys are used with a water-based lubricant. It is suitable for realists, silicone vibrators, devices made of gel and PVC. In this case, the oil can be not only reasonable but also warming or cooling, exciting or flavoured, antibacterial and with anaesthetic. The right option will enhance the experience. You can buy high-quality lubricant in the sex shop or pharmacy.

How to prepare yourself to play with a vibrator?

So, you already have everything you need: you have a vibrator, you have managed to deal with the control, and you have got a lubricant. Everything seems ready to start the minutes of unforgettable bliss. On the technical side, everything is as it is, but it is also essential to take care of your mood.

Usually, girls who turn to their vibro friend already have the appropriate mood (that is why they become to him to realise this mood!). But since you are most likely a newcomer in this matter, it would be useful to give you a few recommendations on how to prepare yourself for games with a vibrator and at the same time get maximum pleasure.

Your main task is to get excited! And for this, each of you needs to decide what most turns you on. For this you can use for example:

  • Reception of a long hot bath;
  • Reading favourite erotica;
  • Use specific music, smells or lighting.
  • Carrying out a sure prelude with itself.
  • Watching porn if this is acceptable to you;
  • The glass of wine. For some, it also helps to distract and relax.

In general, you should choose what will allow you to relax and excite as much as possible. This does not necessarily have to be something that we have cited as an example. It can be anything; the main thing is to achieve the necessary mood and excitement before using a vibrator. To make maximum pleasure, it is essential to know your body well. It is advisable to identify your most sensitive places and points, the stimulation of which will quickly dip you into a sea of ​​blissful sensations.

Are vibrators harmful to health?

With proper cleaning and use of the vibrator cannot be dangerous. It is only necessary to choose the right model. How to do it – read in our article how to pick a vibrator. If you do not have a vibrator yet, but you want to buy it, then expert advise you to a reliable and proven sex toy store which has a vast range of vibrators at the lowest prices.