Sex swings can help your sex life at home

Sexual Swings: Have the Orgasm in an Innovative way

The sex swings are a different way to enjoy sex. They allow practising intercourse while suspended in the air turning the experience into something unique that only a few dare to experience. Sex stores have a selection of the best erotic swings on the market with different features, sizes and shapes. A swing of love can bring that wild touch that was missing in your traditional relationships.

Catalogue of love swings for sex

Such oscillations exist in three versions: with fastening on the door, with fastening on the ceiling and with fastening on a unique metal stand. The most inexpensive and easy to install is a sex swing on the door. Swing for sex with mounting on the ceiling is more comfortable but more expensive. Also here you can buy a different metal rack for sex swings. Such sex swings can be installed outdoors and enjoy sex together in nature.

Types of sex swings

The sex swing is a device that will allow you to expand the number of poses and diversify your intimate life. The feeling of weightlessness and flight, rhythmic swaying – sex will be just awful! Penetration into a woman who sits on a swing is unusually thick and full. Besides, the swing will allow the couple to try intricate poses that are difficult to bring to life within the bed while using the swing does not require much physical effort.

All you need is to let go of your fantasy in free flight, relax and get pleasure. Their designs distinguish the swings presented in the sex shop, methods of attachment and use cases. Don’t hesitate between Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing, the most accessible version of sex swing models are dual hook and attached to the door. Plus these swings – their compactness, ease of installation, the ability to use in any room where there are doors – such a rhythm, you can take with you on vacation or a trip to the country. Your holiday will turn out incredibly bright, saturated and unforgettable. Right, such swings somewhat limit their use.

A more advanced version of the swing allows you to diversify sex, both classic and oral, and anal. These designs are a system of belts that provide support for the back, arms, and legs. Such swings have a more complicated mount system, but the result of their use is worth it! Very interesting and models of rhythm, equipped with a phallus. With such a rhythm, a woman can get unusual sensations without a partner. Well, if next to her is also her skilled lover: the penetration can be double, and the pleasure – multiple. For those couples who love sex on weight, there are models of swings, which are attached to a male partner. Such a fastening allows the partner not to worry about the man dropping her, and the partner has an additional opportunity to caress his beloved.

Sex is learning, learning is transformed into knowledge and knowledge becomes the pleasure. Startup these erotic mechanisms with the help of sexual swings, an accessory with which you can improve your intimate relationships in a playful, sporty and as surprising as a stunt show.

Types of sexual swings: Which is the best for me?

At this point, you should ask yourself what kind of lover you are. If you already have some experience in the most acrobatic version of sex and you like to practice it frequently, you will probably find it more interesting to install a fixed sex swing in your bedroom.

These swings hang directly from the ceiling, so you will need to make a hole that allows you to attach it. Although this type of sexual rhythms can also be removed, the restraint system is permanent, so that piece will remain fixed in the room in which you decide to place it.

If, on the other hand, making love in the heights is pure curiosity or is going to stay in a temporary practice, it will be more convenient that you opt for the demountable swings that do not need any additional installation.

They are usually placed on a door through a comfortable strap system. The freedom of movement is more limited than with fixed sex swings, but the advantage is that you can take it apart in a minute and save it until the next time you want to use it. Besides, as it is a system of nylon and neoprene belts, they hardly take up space.

Tips to use sexual swings safely

  1. Check the weight that the sexual swing can support, whether it is a roof or door model. Remember that you will be suspended in the air, so it is essential to ensure that the swing can withstand your weight without problems.
  2. Choose soft, cushioned materials, especially if you’re still a little green in the use of these types of accessories. Commonly sex swings are made of nylon and neoprene, although in many cases these materials are intended to mimic leather to give it a more sensual appearance.
  3. Take your time to read the instructions of this accessory well and make sure you are going to use it in the right way. In most cases the swings of love are composed of three straps: one that holds the legs, another that lifts you below the buttocks, and a third that raises the back and that can be provided with additional straps for the hands.
  4. Study the positions you can adopt and put them into practice! Among some of the most common places to enjoy sexual swings to the fullest is the hug, the puppy, the pendulum. But be sure that as soon as you set out to try this accessory, you will find new and exciting combinations.

How is love swings used?

Encourage yourself to experience the fetish and domination. The straps are comfortable and soft so that they do not hurt the suspended person. Using this type of swings is very simple because they are accessories with which to experience postures. The love swings for doors are a little more limited when it comes to practising them, although they are very, very suggestive.

Now, if you opt for an erotic swing that hangs from the ceiling, you can carry out a more significant number of positions such as standing on your back with the idea of ​​sitting on your boy or practice the posture of the dog while you are suspended in the air.

An important issue is to keep in mind that, whether you choose a swing that hangs from the ceiling or is one behind a door, you have to make sure of the weight it can bear, for safety reasons. It is also essential that you have proof that your materials are of good quality.