Yoni Eggs Can Sexify Your Home

Yoni eggs will help the ladies with Incontinence

Nephrite is a beautiful and healing natural stone. Since ancient times, it has been used by craftsmen to make jewelry, interior items and household items for example; massagers and even a Yoni egg for training intimate muscles no longer surprise anyone. You won’t be surprised with the egg yourself, but the question “Do yoni eggs help with incontinence” remains pore rather common.

Yoni Egg Training

In order to train the muscles with Yoni eggs to be really useful for the woman’s body and not to harm him, it is necessary to follow a number of rules:

If you have never, in principle, engaged in the development of your intimate muscles or used a training method for strengthening MTD, then you should prepare your body for the upcoming load: start 7–3 days before training with Yoni eggs several times during the day a series of idle compressions and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum (Kegel exercises, but without the use of a special simulator). Otherwise, without preliminary preparation for classes with Yoni eggs, your “Yoni practices” at the initial stage may be accompanied by painful sensations or constant loss of cargo from the vaginal canal.

Before using Yoni eggs, you need to separate the work of the MTD and the abdomen, learn how to manage these muscle groups independently of each other. Otherwise, you will create extra stresses in the body that prevent the exercise exercises with a load (especially where you need to move it up and down).

Develop management skills in all areas of MTD: urethral, ​​vaginal and anal sphincters. Understanding exactly which muscles work during the workout, you minimize the appearance of straining and excessive muscle tension, which are not involved in the movement of the Yoni egg inside the vagina.

Learn how to work the diaphragm. This organ is involved in the creation of dilution in the abdominal cavity and the cavity of the vaginal canal (vaginal air suction), participates in the formation of intra-abdominal pressure (the push effect).

Watch when you create intra-abdominal pressure so that the muscles of the pelvic floor remain well drawn. The muscles of the perineum should not be forced through by pressure; they are either stronger than him, or pulled with the same force with which intra-abdominal pressure tries to force them. Otherwise, the non-observance of this most important rule provokes the appearance of prolapse of the female pelvic organs, the development of hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence.

Pregnant women should take training with Yoni eggs especially seriously: at this stage they are not allowed to perform the entire list of exercises for MTD. Consultation with a specialist is required.

Yoni Egg in Solving Women’s Problems

The practice of the east and modern experts suggest improving the condition of a woman with a simple simulator. The purpose of use is training the vaginal muscular wall. It allows the woman to further regulate the volume of the vagina to make it narrower. Accordingly, a more dense girth of the penis with the vagina brings brighter sensations during intercourse, regardless of the size and individual anatomical features of the genital organs of the partners.

In addition to the pleasant sensations, possession of the vaginal muscular wall has practical benefits. The trained muscular wall acquires elasticity and quickly contracts, which allows the vagina to return to its original size much faster after childbirth. In addition, the so-called dead zones inside the vagina are being developed, areas that are not affected during even the most turbulent proximity. Strengthening blood flow due to specific massage when using Yoni eggs leads to a significant reduction in the risk of stagnation.

The origins of the development of intimate muscles lie in the ancient sacral practices and cultures of different nations. Keeping intimate muscles in shape was cared for at all times, in every society. The techniques of possessing intimate muscles are known in ancient times – America and other eastern countries from ancient times for some purpose practiced the art of controlling intimate muscles and the transfer of skill from generation to generation. For the development of the muscles of love, stone and wooden eggs were used, various simulators, invented different ways to train the muscles of the pelvic floor and the vaginal canal. Such studies are described in the Kama Sutra, sources of Tantra and Taoist sexual practices, and other ancient treatises. In China, the secrets of developing intimate muscles were associated with energy practices and only the emperor’s wives learned these secrets by practicing techniques to control intimate muscles with Yoni eggs.

In the modern world, the science of strengthening intimate muscles has been developed by Arnold Kegel, a professor of medicine at the University of Southern California, USA. In the late 1940s, Kegel investigated the mechanism of urinary incontinence in women after childbirth. Having found the cause in the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, he saw the solution to the problem of restoring and pumping up these muscles. Arnold Kegel developed and offered his patients a set of special exercises that, after giving birth, cough, sneeze or laugh, suffered from incontinence, and also developed the first modern simulator. Currently, the name of Kegel is known throughout the world. His methods as well as various modifications of the simulator created by him are used in many medical institutions.

Testicles for yoni

What are testicles for yoni from natural stones, how they can help in the training of intimate muscles, in what practices they can be used, what safety precautions are and why not all testicles are equally good, – these questions are answered by specialist in stone properties and energy practitioners.

Since ancient times, people have used egg-shaped for yoni simulators. An egg is a very feminine symbol, reminiscent of children and care, conception and vitality, life, harmony and fertility. There is a lot of energy hidden in the egg. In addition, the egg shape is physiological for a woman; it is convenient to carry it inside. The most versatile testicle size is medium (height 31-33 mm) —this testicle usually fits all.

Natural stone is a living organism, it has a soul. Unlike medical latex, from which pneumatic simulators are made for training intimate muscles, the stone affects not only the muscles themselves, but also the micro-flora and energy. The quality of the stone is very important, high – quality jade testicles are made from natural Sayan jade. All the stones you use are certified regularly.

The effects of testicular use are several.

Physical: improved micro-flora (gynecologists are surprised!), Menstruation passes faster and easier, the body becomes more flexible.

Sexual: the partner feels that in sex a woman becomes more “in dialogue” and is delighted with the “new horizons” that has opened

Sensitization: in sexuality, and just in communication with your body.

Energy: an increase in the amount of energy and a change in its quality for the better, you are less tired, you feel more strength and joy. Other practices like yoga and qigong will go better and deeper.

Psychological: care and elaboration of fears, increasing attractiveness for men, contact with their feminine nature.

The testicle becomes your friend and partner, feels loved and close, and gives support.