Using a male chastity device can help your sex life at home

Chastity device for men: instructions for use

The chastity device is a unique accessory designed for pleasure and playing on the contrast of satisfaction and frustration. It is a brain game that allows you to redefine partner relationships. The purpose of the one who wears the device is to voluntarily deprive oneself of pleasure and transfer control of one’s sex life to one’s partner. The goal of the one who owns the keys to the device in the opposite is to guarantee the loyalty of his partner.

In this article, will look at topics such as choosing the Best male chastity device model, how to wear and wear it, as well as the duration of its use, and the pleasure it delivers.

How to choose the right device model

The decision to wear a device should be mutual and supported by a great desire. And as soon as it is accepted, immediately you need to start choosing the right model. Today there is a wide choice of devices at an affordable price.

Depending on the frequency of use, this accessory should be changed annually or every two years. It is customary to compare two types of devices: steel, heavier and more durable, and polycarbonate, lighter, but yellowing with time. Yes, there is leather, but they do not guarantee any security.

Often partners regard the device as an expensive case, so its aesthetic side is also essential for them. For everyday wear, it should be, on the one hand, very comfortable, and on the other, tough enough to prevent an erection.

Ideally, the length and width of the device should be equal to the length and breadth of the penis at rest, for example, after a cold shower. Take an inelastic rope or thread, tie the penis with your testicles and make a big bundle. Your finger should not crawl under the string. Walk like this for a few minutes. Are you comfortable? Do not press anywhere, do not press? Great, these sizes will suit you. Otherwise, repeat the procedure. Carefully cut the rope with scissors and measure its length using a ruler.

  • If the length of the rope is 11.9 – 13.2 cm, a ring with a diameter of 4 cm will suit you.
  • If 13.3 – 14.8 cm – diameter 4.5 cm.
  • If 14.9 – 16.3 cm – diameter 5 cm.
  • If more – diameter 5.5 cm and more.

To prevent the hump from sticking out of your pants, this device should be oriented with the penis down.

Tip for convenience: give preference to models with a short tube.

If you are confused when choosing, remember: a sound device should be tight to prevent any friction and keep the device under full control. The weight of the model also plays a significant role. The heavier the device, the more uncomfortable it is to wear, especially for beginners. We advise you to start with lighter options.

And finally, notice that there are designer models that are ready to realise any of your fantasies. Want to try on the image of a brave rider? You are welcome! Would you like to touch your penis? – Easily! Need to close a member completely?

How to wear a device?

Putting on a device is extremely simple – it is enough to complete only six stages.

  • Lightly oil the inside of the device and its ring: this will ease the glide.
  • Wash the penis and testicles thoroughly with hot water and soap, then drench with cold water to relax.
  • Put the device on the penis and testicles while standing, if you already have experience, or when lying down, if you are new. Pinch the skin of the testicles and pull them down to avoid an erection. Do not confuse the direction: you should be able to fasten the ring by connecting it to the device.
  • Do the same with the penis. Use cold water or ice in case of an erection.
  • Pass the lock through the corresponding holes in the upper part of the device and rings and close. Or snap the handcuffs if they are attached.
  • Give the key to your partner, but always have a spare with you, just in case.

How long to wear a device?

Act gradually: start with a few minutes, and then increase the time to an hour, to a few hours, days and nights. Your goal is to get used to the sensations and learn to get pleasure from the device. It is essential to check the skin for swelling and redness regularly. In most cases, if you wear a device comfortably, you can do it all the time.

Perhaps the ring will cause you inconvenience, such as pinching or rubbing, which means you have chosen the wrong size of the device or clothing. TFor this, some devices are sold with a few rings. Finally, do not be lazy to moisturise your skin with special milk and use a regenerating cream.

When to take off the device?

Concerning sexual hygiene, the device should enjoy and have ejaculation once or twice a week. Let him shake or masturbate him if you don’t want him to touch his penis. Wearing a device makes the penis hypersensitive and ejaculation instantaneous. You need masturbation to avoid prostate hypertrophy and even cancer. Besides, if the penis is too long clamped, there is a risk of its irretrievable softening and reduction in size.

How to care for the device?

The device should be washed at least once a week with soap and water or a special disinfectant for sex toys. Rinse your device genitals daily in hot, soapy water to avoid bacteria and unpleasant odours. To wash, do not necessarily remove the device; many models are equipped with individual holes that allow you to pour water into them. Beginners this process may seem complicated, but over time, all get used to that.

What pleasure does the device deliver?

Wearing such an accessory does not mean humiliation of the partner or depriving him of all kinds of pleasures; instead, it is an agreement about keeping love and loyalty. Besides, the device gives constant pleasure. In this case, the partners feel a strong connection with each other, which is carefully hidden from others. Moreover, a person cannot express his passion sexually; he has to resort to other means: to take with his charm, look, convictions. If he suddenly becomes agitated, his impulses will be suppressed, and he will feel calmer.

As for the partner, she will become less jealous, with the same level of sexual appetite, knowing that her man does not waste his energy to the right and left, but accumulates it for her, beloved. Wearing a device promotes greater communication between partners, which strengthens their relationship.