5 Sexy Ways to Get your House In the Mood

Don’t blame an erratic work schedule for the lack of bedroom action. There are tips to make your home sex ready – all of them simple! Make your living room or even the dining room a hotbed of activity. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few home changes you can start with first.
A few small fixes can make your entire home more inviting – yes, for your husband too! Take responsibility and start making those little changes in your surroundings. Watch your sex life get rejuvenated!

Learn How to Make Your Home Ready for Sex

Turn-on the lights:

In order to sexify your home, add some dim and sultry lights. Dimmers are a great choice for the living room or the bedroom. Such soft, warm lights create a romantic mood with just a flick of the switch. Set aside a no-furniture area at home outside the bedroom, which has a duvet to serve as a sex-spot. Take things out of the bedroom for some added spice. Making love on the floor can be a huge turn on too. This is among the few changes in your home for a rollicking sex life you can’t deny making!
Tech-free love nest:
Technology can get frustrating at times, especially during love-making. The best way to avoid disturbances is to make the ‘sex area’ a ‘tech-free’ zone. Make sure the TV, mobile phones, and even the alarm clock is stored in another room. You can always convert a spare room in the house for love-making. This should be kept out of bounds for the kids. When you have nothing disturbing you, passion will flow unbridled.

Photo passion:

To create an amorous environment, put up pictures of you on your honeymoon or selfies taken randomly with your partner. One look at them and the passion is bound to flow. Keep erotic novels in the drawers of the bedside table. Reading a romantic novel together can intensify the sexual tension – try it out!

Kitchen romance:

The kitchen can help arouse sexual desires quite easily. Don’t believe us? Just wear a racy red mini dress and watch the temperature soar. Your husband will not be able to get enough of you. Ask him to taste the gravy of the dish from your fingers. While the real love-making can proceed to the bedroom (in case you don’t like the kitchen slab)– the foreplay can totally rage in the kitchen. This is among the best tips to make your home sex ready.

Clean spaces:

Make sure there are no foul smells when trying to get into the groove. During the day, open the windows to let in some fresh air and sunlight. Keep a room freshener handy at all times. A nice-smelling room will help make foreplay enjoyable and heighten your passion too.
While every idea might not work to hit the sack, experimentation never hurts! You do not have to undertake a massive changeover for good results. Ask hubby to help you out with ideas too. After all, he will benefit from those changes as well!

How to Create a Sexy Bedroom

The bedroom is where you go to relax, recover, and recharge at the end of a busy day. But, according to designer Blanche Garcia, you should not forget the most important R-word: romance.

Blanche Garcia — interior designer on Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel, and owner of B. Garcia Designs — was also seen on TV shows such as Design Star, MTV Cribs, The Better Show, DayTime and House Smarts. You may also have seen her featured in numerous publications.

Drawing upon her interior design education and years of designing for a varied clientele ranging from professional athletes to corporations, she offered us plenty of easy to implement tips. She believes that anyone can have a sexy bedroom, a space that is both romantic and relaxing. Here are some of her tips.

Elements Help Create a Sexy Bedroom

Important elements of a sexy bedroom are soft and high thread count sheets, dimmers on all the lights for adjustment, candles, soft area rugs, and silk window panels. Out of these, the most important element would be soft sheets. Once you get into bed the room fades away, so soft sheets are a must.

Textures Are Important in This Space

Never ignore the use of texture in a room. There are many ways to introduce it, other than soft bed sheets. Throws in cashmere, window treatments and sheets of silk, and soft chairs covered in velvet can all be layered together to create and reinforce an amazingly luxurious feeling. In a bedroom, it’s more important to get the textures right than colors. Touch is a sense that overrides just about all of the others.

How to Achieve a Layered Look

A layered look is great when you want to feel at home and comfortable in your space, not like you bought everything from the same store. Buy a few key pieces that will be classic and last over time. These should be your larger ticket items. The bedding and window treatments should be luxurious, but comfortable, and are a great chance to add color and texture. Never forget to add yourself to the mix. Personal items can make the room a reflection of who you are.

The Kind of Rugs You Need in a Room

Rugs are just as important as the bedding. Go for silk if it’s in the budget. If the price tag is too high then viscose is the poor man’s silk. It feels just like the real thing. Make sure you can step onto the carpet as soon as you get out of bed. In a bedroom, it isn’t just how a thing looks, but also how it feels.

The Kind of Lighting That’s Best for a Bedroom

You need layers of lighting with adjustable dimmers for the sexiest light. You want to be able to lower the lights to a glow when needed. Also, a few lights are best when you need to change it up. Let’s say you turn off the lights on the nightstands. It’s a great idea to have a floor lamp or sconces across the room. Also, if the light has a little bling factor such as a few crystals, it will make any room sparkle.

The Best Colors to Use

Colors can be subjective, but you want to aim for romantic, not high energy. Where you may think reds are passionate, they are great for a few minutes until you need to go to sleep, so steer clear and opt for softer, more restful colors such as rosy taupes, soft grays, and dreamy blues.

When You’re on a Tight Budget

When in doubt and it’s a choice between all of the above, go for bedding, candles, light dimmers, and wall colors. All of these can be purchased for under $200 but you’ll feel like a million bucks.

What Women Love to Search For

There are many guides on How to tastefully sexify your home, and this can take so much of your time. If you are so much fond of your sex life, then you should be doing some better things to sustain your life in a better way. There are many ways, and the best way is to watch porn.

Everyone likes to watch porn, and you can be one of them who love it so much that you watch it on a daily basis. This is not at all any bad, and this can actually benefit you if you are doing so for a limited time. However, there are many porn categories that everyone loves to watch, and this can help you get a long way up to the top. These Categories are –

1. Anal Sex

The most viewed and trending thing that you can see in today’s porn sites are the anal sex. This type of sex is really demanding these days, and you can get so many benefits with the help of these things. Anal sex is done by making love to your partner by inserting your dick into the asshole and make love to your lover as you do.

This is so hard for you if you are a beginner and you need proper lubricant to do such a thing in real life. These types can be painful sometimes, and most of the penis breakage surgeries are from anal sex only. However, if you want to watch porn, then this category will never disappoint you ever.

2. BDSM or Role-Play

If you are the one who loves to have sex in lavish clothes, then this category is for you. You can get BDSM sex easily on the websites, and you can look out on How to tastefully sexify your home and choose up the best video. This will surely help you a lot, and you will get some amazing experiences watching this kind of porn.

Using Lotion as a Lubricant at Home

What can never be used instead of lubricant?

Yes, in the films for adults they didn’t use them as a lubricant when there was no lubricant on hand. But this is no reason to do so, honestly. Sex experts say that it begs for this purpose, but in reality, it does not.

Baby oil

If it seems that baby oil is so neutral that it does not hurt, once inside, then you are mistaken. Baby oil increases the risk of fungal infections, as well as pa-bam! – reduces the effectiveness of the condom.


If you did not know, it is vegetable fat baking powder, which is sometimes used in baking. Since it is also oil-based, this substance is also not very “condom-friendly”. Also, as a lubricant, it does not fit. He doesn’t “slide” very well, so for women, it is corny useless. And since the shortening is still intended for the test, and not for the vagina, cause irritation – spit. By the way, do not care too.


You all saw it. Well, that is, one way or another, such a move was a knight you met in erotic novels and 18+ films. But in truth, the idea is terrible. First of all, saliva is not a very suitable lubricant – in the sense that it will take a lot of it to affect. Secondly, like unprotected oral sex, saliva can cause infection.

Body lotion and hand cream

These are the options that are always lying somewhere on the bedside table. For some people, using these products seems like a good idea, because they are also designed for hydration. But moisturising is not equal to lubrication. Do not forget that hand cream or body lotion may adversely affect the pH of the vagina especially if it is products with perfume. So if anyone asks what can you use lotion as a lubricant the answer of yours should be no.

Liquid soap

Don’t use it again. If logic dictates that the cleansing properties of the solvent will not damage the mucous, then you are mistaken. Just as you shouldn’t put liquid soap in your nose, you shouldn’t put it in the vagina – it will only irritate sensitive skin. For intimate hygiene is also necessary to use just special tools.


It would seem, wasn’t it for this purpose created- No, definitely not for this. Vaseline is used for healing. It creates a thin barrier on the skin and is not absorbed. So, if you use petroleum jelly as a lubricant, it will remain on the surface of the vagina. It will also be difficult to wash it from there, and the mineral oils in the composition of Vaseline can react with condom rubber.

Coconut oil

Yes, coconut oil is an excellent tool in all respects – for hair and skin, but not for elegant sex. It works on the same principle as petrolatum: despite its antibacterial properties, coconut oil can act on the vaginal flora and clog pores, and this will cause skin irritation. But if you’re still going to use it as a lubricant, make sure you are dealing with real coconut oil.

Sex without problems: how to choose the right lubricant?

The lubricant is an indispensable genie from a bottle that fulfils our sexual desires. It is an excellent lubricant helps to enhance the pleasant sensations of intimacy and eliminate friction, burning and other troubles associated with hard sex.

Lubrication will save you from unpleasant sensations during sex. It is no secret that lube is a must-have companion for masturbation or petting, and especially for sex toys and anal games.

What kind of lubricant do you need?

In order not to get lost in a massive assortment of lubricants, you must first decide exactly how you plan to use it. There are three types of oils depending on the composition: water-based, silicone and fat. Water-based lubricants are universal because they can be used with any materials – condoms or sex toys. However, they rather quickly dry out and often contain additional additives that are not always useful for sensitive microflora.

Silicone-based lubricants slide for a very long time, smoothing out unpleasant friction as much as possible, and remain slippery even in water, which is especially important if you like to transfer sexual adventures from the bedroom to the bathroom. The main disadvantage of such lubricants – they cannot be used with silicone and toys from the cyber skin.

Fat lubricants that provide very good gliding can only be used for anal sex or male masturbation, as they irritate the vaginal mucosa. And they cannot be used with condoms and many materials of sex toys. Only metal, glass, hard plastic and ceramics are “friendly” with greases.

Also, lubricants are also divided by the type of application. Anal oils contain painkillers or relaxing ingredients that help make penetration more comfortable and more enjoyable. They can be used exclusively for anal sex.

Oral lubricants have different tastes and smell but are unsuitable for vaginal or anal sex. Also, oils are often added components that dull the sensitivity to sexual intercourse lasts longer. The most popular universal gels without additional ingredients that can be used during any games.

What should I look for when choosing a lubricant?

First of all, look at the expiration date and composition. Good water-based lubricants should not contain parabens and glycerin, as they can cause irritation and allergies. Anal lubricants should not choose painkillers, but relaxing ones, because painful sensations muffled by anaesthetic can hide severe troubles. If possible, pay attention to the grease density – thicker grease will retain its sliding properties longer. Packing is also essential: for example, the dispenser is more convenient than a tube with a screw cap that can be lost.

The choice of lubricant – a subject matter, because you will use it often, also, it interacts with the most sensitive areas of the body. A lubricant is a very individual means that you may like very much and not suit your friend at all. Before first use, check the grease on the elbow bend: if redness or discomfort appears on the skin during the day, this remedy does not suit you and cannot be used. Enjoy your slip and new sexual discoveries!

Latex Can Sexify Your Home

Inflatable Dolls of Latex: How you can enjoy playing with them

The woman is the future of the man but the life makes that sometimes, by choice or because we did not meet the rare pearl we are alone, that said, it is better sometimes to be alone than badly accompanied.

Voila why man invented and creates inflatable latex dolls in substitution. Indeed the man has sexual needs, there is of course masturbation but for many it was not enough so he sought to replace the woman.

It was not won because the body of the woman is complex that is why, the first inflatable dolls did not really inspire the love and the sexual relations.

In recent years materials have evolved, latex and silicone now occupy functions for which it was not initially intended, because sex toys and inflatable dolls and realistic have of course benefited from these technological advances.

Now adult quality dolls are made of latex or silicone and sometimes both materials on the same doll. Latex and natural and silicone are very soft and soft materials, which have a touch very close to human skin. Both are used in the medical field and some breast prosthesis is made of silicone.

The inflatable dolls and realistic dolls allow sex but they are not just sex objects, indeed for most users a real relationship is created with their sexy doll.

The adult inflatable latex dolls are also invited into the bed of heterosexual couples; they bring spice in their sexual games.

Dolls blonde, brown or red latex or silicone vibrating or not, everyone will find no doubt the inflatable doll or realistic most suited to his desires and needs.

They observed that these accessories do not allow any reduction of crimes or violence related to sex. Health professionals have noticed adverse effects on health. Indeed, developing the consumption of dolls would generate an image of “objects for misogynist”, intensifying the physical violence.

Contrary to popular belief, this practice considered masturbatory would cause isolation with “the illusion of having a substitution satisfaction” and increase sexually transmitted infections. These plastic characters are often in poor condition resulting in injuries and infections. As the cleaning methods are not very clear and the followers do not use condoms, they multiply the contacts with bacteria.

At the level of various sexual objects, inflatable dolls – also called inflatable latex dolls – occupy a place of choice. Easy to handle and comfortable, they are particularly realistic, and allow you to feel the desires, pleasures and thrills of the moment. Discover here the best inflatable latex dolls, as well as expert tips to use it!

What is an inflatable latex doll?

The inflatable latex doll is here to allow you to realize the least of your fantasies. Although there are many models, there is usually a female doll, with breasts of varying sizes, and different orifices. Parts are sometimes vibrant and can be removable or interchangeable. Depending on the model, you can use the mouth, anus or vagina to please you, and realize the scenario of your dreams: the one you never dared to put into practice until then!

What is the purpose of an inflatable doll?

Of course, everything will depend on the model you choose, but mainly to realize all your fantasies. This of course predestines the doll for solitary use but not only! It is indeed possible to include it to spice up a life of a couple or a single shot of a night. You will be able to imagine new scenarios with the person who shares your bed!

Inflatable latex doll: different models and price ranges

Depending on your desires and your budget, you can head to various models of inflatable latex dolls. Some will be more classic and will do the job; others will bring you great innovations that will push your limits and your fantasies. Discover the selection below!

The cheap inflatable doll

Not expensive, but not low quality so far, because with the inflatable doll Samantha of Love and Vibes, as much as you are going to ask for more. You will love her face, suggestive; with slightly ajar mouth leaving you easily imagine the rest. While her generous breast will make you crack, you will also be able to go through the anus or vagina to start the moment of enjoyment. Its size of 160cm brings a surplus of realism quite welcome, while its cyber skin material will take care of your penis and your antics!

The realistic silicone inflatable latex doll

If you like realistic silicone dolls with generous breasts, then you’ll love this one! The inflatable doll is waiting for you, with a firm but muscular body, which gives you a real feeling of authenticity. The doll will be truly at your service: anal, oral, and even breastfeeding, everything is there! All for a derisively low price, you can only validate.

The new innovations of inflatable latex dolls for fans of new positions

Inflatable dolls are able to perform basic positions; it’s a good thing, but sometimes you would like a little more. Be very happy: the inflatable latex doll offers a whole new experience. Dressed, she presents you with light clothes and sexy lingerie that invites you to undress her. Naked, she invites you in many positions what to spend a moment!

The future of the inflatable latex doll: the sex robot?

Robots are already building your cars, cleaning your homes and making your food – now manufacturers are about to offer mobile and realistic dolls for “private pleasure”. A company even develops a head that can speak, smile and sing for its robotic inflatable latex dolls, while the Harmony doll is the first to offer an “emotional connection”. Experts say that these specialized robots will begin to appear in ordinary homes over the next decade, while lonely humans seek love.

How to use a baby doll?

The inflatable latex doll is there to be used according to your desires; it is therefore possible for you to manipulate it as you wish, according to your fantasies. The good news is that you will not have to go to court like a real woman: no blah, the action can start whenever you want! For all that, if you know the soul of a great romantic, then do not hesitate to play the game of seduction, multiplying subtle and tender caresses and allusive remarks.

Whatever inflatable latex doll you choose, always keep a golden rule in mind: it is important that the holes are well lubricated. The goal is for you to have a pure moment of pleasure, not to hurt you! Since the doll is not able to produce lubrication, it is therefore advisable to use your famous lubricant.

Kegel Exercises Can Improve Your Sex Life at Home

The Strong Muscles of the Vagina: The Guarantee of Health and Success in the Intimate Sphere

Strengthening the muscles in the vagina is necessary not only to bring yourself and the sexual partner extra pleasure. Strong muscles of the vagina – is the ability to control labour and the prevention of age-related female diseases: prolapse and prolapse of the uterus.

Problems Associated with Weakening of the Muscle Tissue of the Pelvic Organs

Women after childbirth or with the approach of older age begin to notice that they have an unpleasant problem: with sudden movements, when coughing or sneezing, urine starts to stand out.

This is because the muscles that support the uterus weakened, and it begins to put pressure on the bladder. Physical effort – the ligaments stretch even more, and due to the increased demand, the uterus causes the bladder to contract involuntarily.

More often than not, uterus descends and can even go out of the vagina. This is caused by weak vaginal muscles. It can be noticed at an early stage during a gynaecological examination, and at a later stage, according to the complaints of the woman. During walking, the sensation of having a foreign body in the perineum is created.

It happens that a woman pays attention to back pain and it seems to her that this is due to lumbar radiculitis. She begins to rub the lower back with various particular means, but the pain does not subside. Pain in the back can occur when staying upright for a long time if the muscles in the vagina are weak.

When the ligaments are stretched, it is impossible to get a full orgasm, during coitus – instead of pleasure-pain is felt. A woman begins to avoid intimacy; it can lead to the collapse of the family.

The ligaments can be tightened and the organs put in place with the help of surgery. But if a woman, conscious of her problem, masters the complex of gymnastics for the muscles of the vagina, then the operation may not be necessary.

The Effectiveness of Kegel Exercises

Arnold Kegel, a professor, obstetrician-gynaecologist, decided to help women avoid unpleasant moments in intimate life and developed special exercises that strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Kegel gymnastics not only helps to avoid problems with urinary incontinence but also to make labour less painful, to prevent perennial rupture during them. By the way, for prostate, men should also strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Women practising vaginal muscles feel positive changes in their condition:

  • Libido increases;
  • General well-being improves;
  • The elasticity of the ligaments of the gynaecological organs is restored;
  • There is a strengthening of muscles after a sharp weight loss or weight gain;
  • Cease to disturb the urinary system;
  • Vaginismus is present – spasmodic contraction of the vaginal and perennial circular muscles during intercourse.

To perform Kegel exercises, special conditions are not required. You can do this at home and on the street, unnoticed by everyone. However, before you begin to engage, you need to learn how to feel your muscles. If you have any doubt about do Kegel exercises tighten your Vagina or not, then you can be assured that after doing it on a regular basis you will be delighted with the results.

Intimate Gymnastics

There are several complexes for training the vaginal muscles, among which there are special exercises for pregnant women and women who have recently undergone childbirth. Before preparing to strengthen the muscles will begin, they need to learn how to feel. There are two ways to do this:

  • During urination with legs apart, one must learn to stop, abruptly interrupting the urine stream;
  • Insert a finger into the vagina and try to squeeze it.

From the first time, the action may fail. But as soon as they are mastered, you can begin classes. During intimate gymnastics, all the muscles of the vulva are strengthened, including the orgasmic cuff – the muscle fibres around the vaginal opening. Conscious contraction of the muscles in the vagina should begin to master lying down:

  • Lie down and stretch your legs. Try to strain for 10 seconds, and then slowly relax. No more than ten repetitions;
  • Abbreviations are performed abruptly, 5 seconds each;
  • Strain the muscles of the vulva is required on the rise. It is necessary to increase the tension slowly, and just as slowly relax.

To successfully master the exercises, you need to start doing them from 5 times a day, and gradually bring up to 30 repetitions. After the muscles get used to the activities, they need to be complicated. Perform standing, sitting, lying with legs spread, squatting. Pregnant women are recommended to master the Kegel complex while lying on their backs. After giving birth, you can begin to do exercises already in the postpartum ward.

Stimulators for Training the Muscles of the Vulva and Pelvic Floor

Kegel not only developed an intimate gymnastics technique. He also proposed a simulator to stimulate the muscles of the vagina, and this simulator was also given his name. With the help of this device, it is much easier to strain the muscle fibres consciously, making the contraction easier to feel. The simulator is a phallic rod, which has several small spherical inserts, or a small rod, at the end of which a ball is mounted. Exercises are performed as follows:

  • The rod is inserted into the vagina;
  • With the help of muscles, you need to try to cover it in such a way that it is impossible to stretch yourself out easily.

As simulators, vaginal balls, rubber pears resembling a hand tonometer pear are also used – only with the opposite effect. At a tonometer when pumping a pear the cuff increases. When injecting a vaginal device with a particular pump, the pear itself increases.


Vaginal Exercises

What exercises with vaginal equipment should begin after the Kegel gymnastics is sufficiently mastered. It is required to start to engage in lying position, but success is possible only when all actions are easily performed while standing.

  • Starting position: legs shoulder-width apart, arms at the waist, knees slightly bent, back straight:
  • You need to fully control your movements, feeling with the vagina the surface of the simulator selected for training;
  • The ball is located at different levels: closer to the cervix and at the very entrance;
  • It is necessary to relax very slowly and carefully – muscle fibres are strengthened at this stage;
  • The ball should not fall out.

The goal of the action is to learn how to roll the ball purposefully and throw it out without using your hands. Not only is the depth of the simulator, but also the speed of movements controlled. No need to be scared if during training an orgasm occurs. These exercises and should be fun. Women must understand: having mastered the complex of Kegel exercises, not only can one feel young in an intimate sense. These classes are the best prevention of age problems.

Using a male chastity device can help your sex life at home

Chastity device for men: instructions for use

The chastity device is a unique accessory designed for pleasure and playing on the contrast of satisfaction and frustration. It is a brain game that allows you to redefine partner relationships. The purpose of the one who wears the device is to voluntarily deprive oneself of pleasure and transfer control of one’s sex life to one’s partner. The goal of the one who owns the keys to the device in the opposite is to guarantee the loyalty of his partner.

In this article, will look at topics such as choosing the Best male chastity device model, how to wear and wear it, as well as the duration of its use, and the pleasure it delivers.

How to choose the right device model

The decision to wear a device should be mutual and supported by a great desire. And as soon as it is accepted, immediately you need to start choosing the right model. Today there is a wide choice of devices at an affordable price.

Depending on the frequency of use, this accessory should be changed annually or every two years. It is customary to compare two types of devices: steel, heavier and more durable, and polycarbonate, lighter, but yellowing with time. Yes, there is leather, but they do not guarantee any security.

Often partners regard the device as an expensive case, so its aesthetic side is also essential for them. For everyday wear, it should be, on the one hand, very comfortable, and on the other, tough enough to prevent an erection.

Ideally, the length and width of the device should be equal to the length and breadth of the penis at rest, for example, after a cold shower. Take an inelastic rope or thread, tie the penis with your testicles and make a big bundle. Your finger should not crawl under the string. Walk like this for a few minutes. Are you comfortable? Do not press anywhere, do not press? Great, these sizes will suit you. Otherwise, repeat the procedure. Carefully cut the rope with scissors and measure its length using a ruler.

  • If the length of the rope is 11.9 – 13.2 cm, a ring with a diameter of 4 cm will suit you.
  • If 13.3 – 14.8 cm – diameter 4.5 cm.
  • If 14.9 – 16.3 cm – diameter 5 cm.
  • If more – diameter 5.5 cm and more.

To prevent the hump from sticking out of your pants, this device should be oriented with the penis down.

Tip for convenience: give preference to models with a short tube.

If you are confused when choosing, remember: a sound device should be tight to prevent any friction and keep the device under full control. The weight of the model also plays a significant role. The heavier the device, the more uncomfortable it is to wear, especially for beginners. We advise you to start with lighter options.

And finally, notice that there are designer models that are ready to realise any of your fantasies. Want to try on the image of a brave rider? You are welcome! Would you like to touch your penis? – Easily! Need to close a member completely?

How to wear a device?

Putting on a device is extremely simple – it is enough to complete only six stages.

  • Lightly oil the inside of the device and its ring: this will ease the glide.
  • Wash the penis and testicles thoroughly with hot water and soap, then drench with cold water to relax.
  • Put the device on the penis and testicles while standing, if you already have experience, or when lying down, if you are new. Pinch the skin of the testicles and pull them down to avoid an erection. Do not confuse the direction: you should be able to fasten the ring by connecting it to the device.
  • Do the same with the penis. Use cold water or ice in case of an erection.
  • Pass the lock through the corresponding holes in the upper part of the device and rings and close. Or snap the handcuffs if they are attached.
  • Give the key to your partner, but always have a spare with you, just in case.

How long to wear a device?

Act gradually: start with a few minutes, and then increase the time to an hour, to a few hours, days and nights. Your goal is to get used to the sensations and learn to get pleasure from the device. It is essential to check the skin for swelling and redness regularly. In most cases, if you wear a device comfortably, you can do it all the time.

Perhaps the ring will cause you inconvenience, such as pinching or rubbing, which means you have chosen the wrong size of the device or clothing. TFor this, some devices are sold with a few rings. Finally, do not be lazy to moisturise your skin with special milk and use a regenerating cream.

When to take off the device?

Concerning sexual hygiene, the device should enjoy and have ejaculation once or twice a week. Let him shake or masturbate him if you don’t want him to touch his penis. Wearing a device makes the penis hypersensitive and ejaculation instantaneous. You need masturbation to avoid prostate hypertrophy and even cancer. Besides, if the penis is too long clamped, there is a risk of its irretrievable softening and reduction in size.

How to care for the device?

The device should be washed at least once a week with soap and water or a special disinfectant for sex toys. Rinse your device genitals daily in hot, soapy water to avoid bacteria and unpleasant odours. To wash, do not necessarily remove the device; many models are equipped with individual holes that allow you to pour water into them. Beginners this process may seem complicated, but over time, all get used to that.

What pleasure does the device deliver?

Wearing such an accessory does not mean humiliation of the partner or depriving him of all kinds of pleasures; instead, it is an agreement about keeping love and loyalty. Besides, the device gives constant pleasure. In this case, the partners feel a strong connection with each other, which is carefully hidden from others. Moreover, a person cannot express his passion sexually; he has to resort to other means: to take with his charm, look, convictions. If he suddenly becomes agitated, his impulses will be suppressed, and he will feel calmer.

As for the partner, she will become less jealous, with the same level of sexual appetite, knowing that her man does not waste his energy to the right and left, but accumulates it for her, beloved. Wearing a device promotes greater communication between partners, which strengthens their relationship.

Buying prostate massagers can help your sex life at home

Prostate massager: How to use it properly to avoid any Unpleasant Event

The prostate massager is used both for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the prostate gland and for increasing sexual pleasure and achieving orgasm. More information about the benefits of prostate massage can be found in this article.

Is prostate massage useful?

In the presence of diseases of the urinary-genital system, especially in an acute form, we do not recommend the use of prostate massagers. In this case, you need to see a doctor and follow his appointments. Sex experts recommendations are designed for a prostate massager to prevent, improve erection and sexual satisfaction.

What is a prostate massager?

Toys for prostate massage, have a special isogenies form, corresponding to the male structure. The tip of the tumbler is usually slightly tapered, for easy and comfortable insertion. Further, the massager has a thickening; it is this part that will stimulate the prostate. The other end of the device usually has a safety limiter and often additional relief protrusions for external stimulation of the anus and perineum. Stimulators with vibration are very useful.

How to prepare for a massage of the prostate

  1. Clean your massager with antibacterial soap or a special bactericide for sex toys. For safety reasons, we recommend using a massager with a condom.
  2. Hygienic procedures. Start with an anal shower, the purpose of which is to clean the anal passage. Then, sex experts recommend taking a relaxing bath. So you will be confident in the crystal purity of your anus and achieve a pleasant psychological mood.
  3. Have a special anal lubricant compatible with the material of your toy. If your massager is made of silicone, TPR, TPE- you will use oil only on a water basis.

How to find the prostate?

The prostate is located in the centre of the male pelvis, between the bladder and rectum. The posterior wall of the prostate can be probed through the rectum, at a distance of 5-8 cm (2-3 phalanges of the finger) from the anus, on the side facing the navel.

To proceed with prostate massage:

  1. Apply the lubricant to the anus and the massager.
  2. Take a comfortable position for you. The poses recommended for massage are as follows:
  3. On the side, bending and pulling one leg to the chest;
  4. On the back, twisting and pulling both legs to the chest, you can put a small cushion under your waist;
  5. Squatting, crouching over the massager;
  6. The knee-elbow position, if you do message, you will be your partner.
  7. Accurately and gradually enter the toy into the anus, while the bent tip of the massager should be directed towards the navel. Focus on the comfort of your senses; you should not experience severe pain.
  8. When you enter the toy, move it neatly inside to probe the prostate and get a feel for it. Try to find in this way a special erogenous zone, the P-point, the stimulation of which leads to orgasm. When you get to it, you will immediately understand it by “other” sensations. Not necessarily this will immediately be a pleasure, just “another.”
  9. Start with light and precise movements with a massage machine. If your senses are comfortable and pleasant, you can increase the intensity of changes and vibration as much as you want.

Helpful Hints:

Start by heating. The anus and perineum, where the outer side of the prostate is located, are susceptible to male erogenous zones. Having started massage of the prostate with stimulation of these zones, independent or with the help of a partner, you will reach the right mood, get excited and get more pleasure from the message.

If you want to experience an orgasm of the prostate, do not masturbate during the massage. Orgasm of the prostate occurs without ejaculation. During the massage, you will be excited and will have a desire to masturbate. If you do this, you will undoubtedly experience a brighter and stronger orgasm, and it will be prudent. However, then you cannot experience the orgasm of the prostate.

After orgasm of the prostate, you can achieve a normal orgasm with ejaculation from the stimulation of the penis.

Main advantages

It is not a secret that the inflammatory processes in the prostate gland are eliminated only by complex therapy. Usually, the doctor prescribes a course of antibacterial drugs, physiotherapy, and curative gymnastics. Massage is also included in the treatment complex, but patients often ignore procedures, replacing them with physiotherapy and recipes of traditional medicine.

What is the reason for this rejection? The fact that the prostate gland is an internal organ of the pelvis, respectively, massage implies rectal penetration. Many patients consider this unacceptable, so they try to sabotage the procedure with all their strength. Meanwhile, direct message of the problem organ helps to achieve such results:

  • Acceleration of blood microcirculation, respectively, the effect of drugs will be reinforced many times.
  • Removal of oedema, which allows you to avoid painful sensations when urinating.
  • Improving the secretion of the gland, which helps prevent the development of chronic prostatitis

Increase sexual desire and enhance potency.

Usually, massage is performed in a clinical setting by a nurse. For entirely understandable reasons, patients feel shy of such direct contact, respectively; they miss their chance to speed up recovery. A massager from prostatitis is an excellent alternative to manual procedure. The patient can use the stimulant at home, away from unnecessary eyes, hiding from his associates his delicate disease.


A massager for the treatment of prostatitis is not a panacea, and its use is not always justified. Therefore, before buying is better to consult with your doctor. This is necessary to make sure that unpleasant symptoms are associated with the gland and not another disease of the genitourinary system. Even with the confirmation of the diagnosis, you should use the prostate massage gently. Massage procedures are strictly prohibited in the following cases:

  • Any acute conditions, including exacerbation of the disease.
  • The transition of prostatitis to adenoma is malignant formation.
  • Haemorrhoid diseases in the stage of exacerbation.
  • Stone formation in the prostate gland.
  • Complication of the inflammatory process with other diseases.

Only after making sure that there are no contradictions to the use of the stimulant, you can go to a specialised store. However, another problem awaits here: the massagers are represented by a reasonably wide range and differ not only in price but also in the principle of action.

Sex On Your Household Funiture Can Make Your Sex Life Hotter

How to choose sex furniture

One of the most everyday problems in the life of almost every couple is monotonous and rather annoying poses in sex. It is simply impossible to change it due to the lack of the necessary pieces of furniture that would help the partners to have fun, not caring that the sofa will “sit down” or the springs will come out from the favorite bed. The solution to the problem is to find and buy sex products, namely special sex furniture!

How much time do you spend at home sitting on your favorite bed or sofa? Do you enjoy having sex on furniture that is more suitable for a half-day or night rest and is not meant for making love at all? Have you ever thought about the existence of furniture that could bring you a lot of pleasure, bringing into your life a huge amount of new, unforgettable emotions and sensations? If not, we will be happy to offer you a large selection of this furniture and help you decide on the thing you need with simple recommendations and advice.

  1. What is sex furniture for?

In our mind, the concept of “sex furniture” appeared relatively recently. And you think how many generations of our predecessors used uncomfortable beds with metal frames and a grid, which both strove to give an extra bruise to the body, too soft sofas that did not allow the partner to reach the desired range of motion, too hard floor, from which bruises remained tables that could break at any inopportune moment. We are already silent about window-sills, washing machines and other economic attributes. The result was a general realization that sex is necessary only for the continuation of the human race, and a priori it cannot bring pleasure. The idea of ​​producing furniture for sex arose thanks to the direction of BDSM (BDSM), the slogan of which is “pain, orgasm and submission”. The most skillful ideological inspirers of the BDSM direction managed to invent simple machine tools to which they could tie a partner / partner, completely immobilizing their “victim”. Of course, we immediately note that such devices very remotely resembled those attributes of furniture to which we are so used, and they rather resembled medieval machines for torture. But later comfort was added to the idea of ​​the slogan “pain, orgasm and submission”.

  1. What is sex furniture?

Sex furniture is a class of various pieces of furniture and engineering devices that play a supporting role in the implementation of sexual intimacy, and it is possible that by starting to use such interior items, you will begin to perceive the word “furniture” differently.

For your convenience, we divided the sex furniture into four subcategories, which we will discuss in detail later.

So, as we have already managed to find out – sex on the washing machine, on the windowsill and in the closet is the last century. We offer new items for those seeking a variety of couples, gentle lovers and just people eager to change their sex life for the better.

  1. Subcategories of the goods “sex furniture”

We have already mentioned what kind of furniture for sex, but now we’ll dwell on each subcategory:

Love swings were originally intended for “hopeless” romantics seeking to surprise their passion in such an extraordinary way. We should note that this invention is by no means hopeless, just the exact opposite. Swing of love is a reliable and guaranteed way to give pleasure to both partners! Perhaps the first impression of the swing will cause bewilderment: how can you have sex in the proposed postures? But we assure you that the very next day the result of your efforts will indicate the opposite. An indescribable feeling of sex in weightlessness, flight and pleasure at the same time – this is how it can be best described although it is better to try.

Swings are fixed to the ceiling, in the doorway, on a tree branch or on any crossbar. The highlight of the love swing is the ability to take and move the swing. This is very convenient for couples who love to travel and do not think already making love without their favorite swings.

Swing, as a rule, can withstand the weight of two adults (150 – 200 kg), but carefully read the instructions – some models have a weight limit in motion (rocking). But you can be sure that by transferring some of the weight of the pair to your partner’s feet, you can spin in a magical dance of love without the risk of disabling the swing!

Swings offer a variety of different poses for sex, ranging from sitting face-to-face with a partner, ending with the placement on the swing of one partner from a couple, which is very convenient for oral caresses.

Sex in the shower (bathroom): Most likely, you have long wanted or already had sex in the shower (bath). And how often do you fall and get bruises and abrasions due to the slippery wet surface of plumbing? The romance of “shower” relationships can be hopelessly spoiled by injuries or simply discomfort: there’s nothing to hold on to! Sex in the soul is not very convenient; moreover, it can be dangerous. Wonderful handles with suction cups will gladly help you fulfill your long-cherished dream and diversify water procedures with or without a partner with this shower device, you can have sex as much as your heart desires, no matter how you move into the shower room.

Sex machines made in such a way as to fully translate your most incredible dreams and desires into reality. It is quite natural that sex machines were created for both single use and for two, and perhaps more – how much your imagination and room can accommodate people. Sex machines are easy to manage and fairly simple to customize. A variety of functionality and ease of use will allow you to make a real sex revolution within yourself (perhaps in the truest sense of the word)! The highlight of sex machines is a huge number of different controlled attributes, such as vibrators, nozzles, masturbators, vibroyaytsa and more. After receiving unlimited pleasure, the sex machine is easily packed in a box and does not take up much space in your home. Open the world of new sensations with sex machines!

Furniture for sex: Have you ever thought that furniture can bring you much more pleasure than just serving as a support for you while watching your favorite TV? The sex furniture that we offer will bring variety and a sea of ​​sensations into your life. We guarantee such sensations you have not received! After trying once, you will be surprised by the novelty and, perhaps, upset that you have not tried it before! So:

Chairs for sex will give you a lot of pleasure and new sensations, you just need to read the instructions and get ready for a wave of indescribable orgasm. The design of the chairs is very simple, and most importantly very practical. Unfortunately, the dimensions will not allow hiding this miracle in the closet or under the bed, when friends will descend to you, although it is likely that the guests will deny to check this work of art in action. Although, you can disassemble the chair and hide away from prying eyes – the choice is yours.

The air bed is a luxury item: More precisely the subject of luxurious sex life. The main highlight of the inflatable bed is the complete absence of noise and creaking during sexual pleasures. The only thing you will hear is your own breath and moans. The bed does not complicate movements; you can have sex in any poses that you just come to mind. The bed comes with a variety of sex equipment for lovers of BDSM: clamps for limbs, nipple clamps, a feather for gentle tweaking, a ball in the mouth, a spatula, a satin eye mask. The bed is inflated with a foot pump, which is included.

Penis Plug to Improve Your Home Sex Life

Penis Penetration a different kind of Orgasm or a Medical Treatment

If anal sex is already found in most adult movies, the pornographic industry is bringing forward a new controversial sexual practice: urethral penetration or penis penetration with the help of penis plug. But the common question is what is a penis plug and why you should or should not use it. You must know the medical aspects of it before considering the sexual benefits.

Gender through urethral penetration means, as you have presupposed, the penetration of the external urethral opening (through which we urinate) with the penis, finger or other object.

You would say that the penetration of the urethra is impossible, since the urinary hole is so small and the canal so narrow, but some men manage to stretch out enough, so that urethral penetration is possible. Evidence is made by porn movies in which actresses manage to insert objects in that whole, as well as cases of urethral penetration encountered by specialist doctors. That’s why this types of sex, though the most rarely encountered, starts to incite curiosity and gain popularity.

Confusion between vaginal and urethral opening

In 1965, sexologists said that there were only 13 cases of urethral penetration in international literature, and those cases occurred on the background of problems with the vagina, according to American medical journal.

More specifically, in 2 cases the hymen was too rigid and did not allow vaginal penetration, and in other cases women suffered from vaginal atresia, i.e. lack of vagina or the presence of a deformed and non-functional vagina. At that time, the urethral penetration was expected to happen, not because women found pleasure in that act, more than normal. More recently, however, there have been cases where both partners actually confused the urinary and vaginal opening, also because of a tough chimney that did not allow penetration.

Specialists admit that this type of sex is possible, and practitioners testify that before the act itself attempts to enlarge the urethra, usually with small objects, until the orifice can accommodate a penis. This widening of the urethra is often a painful and difficult process, which is why only a very small percentage of women practice it.

How pleased it is to penetrate the urethra

According to some researchers, urethral stimulation can cause pleasure in both women and men. However, without proper dilation of the urethral opening, the act is rather painful. And this urethral dilatation test is very risky, which is why urethral penetration, whether or not it causes pleasure, remains a sexual act contraindicated by gynecologists and urologists.

Urethral penetration risks

Attempting to insert an object into the urethral opening presents risks of infection, urinary incontinence, and mutilation of the urinary and genital apparatus. Although no comprehensive study has been conducted, it is estimated that the Japanese practice the urethral penetration most frequently. The specialists there blame the pornographic industry, where young Japanese (and not only) can follow different sexual experiments, which they are tempted to try, especially while masturbating, as Urologist says. The specialist advises adults watching adult movies not to try everything they see, especially if they talk about urethral penetration.

The urethra orgasm – and you can do it!

The urethra is the tubular part of the urinary system through which the bladder from the bladder. It is located just in the tip of the penis. By stimulating it, you can become an unforgettable orgasm.

The orgasm of the urethra: the orgasm of the orgasm?

The manual technique for urethral orgasm is the same as for the clitoris. If you want to keep the experience just for you, just press your urethra during masturbation. The best effect of stimulation is achieved by circular movements, or you can keep your fingers crossed. Such an incentive does not fit any of these. So if you want to let your girlfriend try it out, recommend her paying more attention to your body’s response when she starts tapping the buttons at least until she learns and can do it and tie her eyes.

Oral Urethra

For more delicacies, you can use other accessories as well. Teach her to fit the lower lip around her teeth. Then say squeeze the urethra with your lip. Of course, it can freely feel sore throat urethra in all oral ways to stimulate the acupuncture it already knows.

The urethra orgasm during penetration

The easiest way to achieve orgasm in the urethra during anxiety is to ride your partner. As equipment nothing but Eve’s costume is required. Stay on your girlfriend with her legs close to her hips, but far enough to make the contact between the urethra and her body strong.

Fold your body all the way forward and reward it with a straightforward kiss, just out of the exciting furnace that prepares urethra orgasm. Your movements must be short, so as not to lose pressure or contact between your private parties.

The urinary system is very sensitive to environmental influences, so men often have various problems. As a therapy, prescribe wellness as well as preventive procedures, one of these is massage the urethra in men at home. Massage of the urethra requires considerable skills and some knowledge, so it should be carried out by an experienced and highly qualified doctor. However, in the modern pace there is no time to visit medical institutions, so many are thinking about holding the procedure at home.

Now the time is to know about the medical procedure or relevance of penis penetration through penis plug.

Features of the Procedure

Most of all urological events cause fear and psychological discomfort in men. But such manipulations are very useful and highly effective; they allow eliminating various pathological phenomena.

In the presence of prostatitis punitive type such procedures allow you to quickly cope with the disease. Even after the first course, a man feels an improvement in potency. In addition, it increases the quality of blood circulation, and also contributes to the release of stagnant secretion. This allows the blood to be filled with nutrient compounds and oxygen, the influx of such fluid improves reproductive function, and also allows it to cope with various diseases. You can use the procedure for such pathologies:

  • Prostatitis punitive form.
  • Chronic urethritis.
  • Atomia prostate gland.
  • Inflammation of the traumatic testicle
  • Vesiculitis

In most cases, such therapeutic manipulations are used to get rid of the inflammatory process concentrated in the urethra caused by gonorrheal infection. The procedure is carried out by an expert. For those who do not know, bougie is a device designed to explore and expand channels. Before the procedure, the doctor flushes the cavity of the urethra with a solution consisting of oxycyanide mercury. This procedure affects the flora of the secondary type. The patient’s bladder should also be filled with the solution, followed by the process of active massage of the channel.

Tool Types

Earlier, we considered that for the procedure, special tools would be needed – bougie, they can not only expand it, but also restore the original state of the mucous membrane. The procedure is carried out with different tools, their choice depends solely on the purpose of the massage, the bougie can differ not only in form but also in material, and for example, it can be given to metal or plastic. Metal bougie is great for restoring damaged tissue, and plastic for diagnosis. The metal tool is divided into several types depending on the features of the future procedure. The following types can be distinguished:

  • Straight lines are used exclusively in the field of female urology;
  • Curved bougie suitable for examining the male urethra;

A long instrument is used for diagnostic measures and for the treatment of the stronger sex, since in men the urethra has impressive dimensions, although it is rarely used to treat women.

In addition to even the bougie you can find tools with extenders, they are located at the end or in the middle of the device. With the help of such a tool, the doctor has the opportunity to examine the urethra practically at any point, and it also increases the quality of the elimination of the ailment for which even bouges are meaningless. The funny fact is that instruments and synthetic materials are excellent for diagnostics and therapy, since they penetrate the urethral cavity remarkably, rarely lead to injuries or tearing of tissues, which cannot be said of metal devices. However, the use of the first ones is unacceptable during treatment, according to the WHO rules; therefore they are used only for diagnostic measures.