Penis Plug to Improve Your Home Sex Life

Penis Penetration a different kind of Orgasm or a Medical Treatment

If anal sex is already found in most adult movies, the pornographic industry is bringing forward a new controversial sexual practice: urethral penetration or penis penetration with the help of penis plug. But the common question is what is a penis plug and why you should or should not use it. You must know the medical aspects of it before considering the sexual benefits.

Gender through urethral penetration means, as you have presupposed, the penetration of the external urethral opening (through which we urinate) with the penis, finger or other object.

You would say that the penetration of the urethra is impossible, since the urinary hole is so small and the canal so narrow, but some men manage to stretch out enough, so that urethral penetration is possible. Evidence is made by porn movies in which actresses manage to insert objects in that whole, as well as cases of urethral penetration encountered by specialist doctors. That’s why this types of sex, though the most rarely encountered, starts to incite curiosity and gain popularity.

Confusion between vaginal and urethral opening

In 1965, sexologists said that there were only 13 cases of urethral penetration in international literature, and those cases occurred on the background of problems with the vagina, according to American medical journal.

More specifically, in 2 cases the hymen was too rigid and did not allow vaginal penetration, and in other cases women suffered from vaginal atresia, i.e. lack of vagina or the presence of a deformed and non-functional vagina. At that time, the urethral penetration was expected to happen, not because women found pleasure in that act, more than normal. More recently, however, there have been cases where both partners actually confused the urinary and vaginal opening, also because of a tough chimney that did not allow penetration.

Specialists admit that this type of sex is possible, and practitioners testify that before the act itself attempts to enlarge the urethra, usually with small objects, until the orifice can accommodate a penis. This widening of the urethra is often a painful and difficult process, which is why only a very small percentage of women practice it.

How pleased it is to penetrate the urethra

According to some researchers, urethral stimulation can cause pleasure in both women and men. However, without proper dilation of the urethral opening, the act is rather painful. And this urethral dilatation test is very risky, which is why urethral penetration, whether or not it causes pleasure, remains a sexual act contraindicated by gynecologists and urologists.

Urethral penetration risks

Attempting to insert an object into the urethral opening presents risks of infection, urinary incontinence, and mutilation of the urinary and genital apparatus. Although no comprehensive study has been conducted, it is estimated that the Japanese practice the urethral penetration most frequently. The specialists there blame the pornographic industry, where young Japanese (and not only) can follow different sexual experiments, which they are tempted to try, especially while masturbating, as Urologist says. The specialist advises adults watching adult movies not to try everything they see, especially if they talk about urethral penetration.

The urethra orgasm – and you can do it!

The urethra is the tubular part of the urinary system through which the bladder from the bladder. It is located just in the tip of the penis. By stimulating it, you can become an unforgettable orgasm.

The orgasm of the urethra: the orgasm of the orgasm?

The manual technique for urethral orgasm is the same as for the clitoris. If you want to keep the experience just for you, just press your urethra during masturbation. The best effect of stimulation is achieved by circular movements, or you can keep your fingers crossed. Such an incentive does not fit any of these. So if you want to let your girlfriend try it out, recommend her paying more attention to your body’s response when she starts tapping the buttons at least until she learns and can do it and tie her eyes.

Oral Urethra

For more delicacies, you can use other accessories as well. Teach her to fit the lower lip around her teeth. Then say squeeze the urethra with your lip. Of course, it can freely feel sore throat urethra in all oral ways to stimulate the acupuncture it already knows.

The urethra orgasm during penetration

The easiest way to achieve orgasm in the urethra during anxiety is to ride your partner. As equipment nothing but Eve’s costume is required. Stay on your girlfriend with her legs close to her hips, but far enough to make the contact between the urethra and her body strong.

Fold your body all the way forward and reward it with a straightforward kiss, just out of the exciting furnace that prepares urethra orgasm. Your movements must be short, so as not to lose pressure or contact between your private parties.

The urinary system is very sensitive to environmental influences, so men often have various problems. As a therapy, prescribe wellness as well as preventive procedures, one of these is massage the urethra in men at home. Massage of the urethra requires considerable skills and some knowledge, so it should be carried out by an experienced and highly qualified doctor. However, in the modern pace there is no time to visit medical institutions, so many are thinking about holding the procedure at home.

Now the time is to know about the medical procedure or relevance of penis penetration through penis plug.

Features of the Procedure

Most of all urological events cause fear and psychological discomfort in men. But such manipulations are very useful and highly effective; they allow eliminating various pathological phenomena.

In the presence of prostatitis punitive type such procedures allow you to quickly cope with the disease. Even after the first course, a man feels an improvement in potency. In addition, it increases the quality of blood circulation, and also contributes to the release of stagnant secretion. This allows the blood to be filled with nutrient compounds and oxygen, the influx of such fluid improves reproductive function, and also allows it to cope with various diseases. You can use the procedure for such pathologies:

  • Prostatitis punitive form.
  • Chronic urethritis.
  • Atomia prostate gland.
  • Inflammation of the traumatic testicle
  • Vesiculitis

In most cases, such therapeutic manipulations are used to get rid of the inflammatory process concentrated in the urethra caused by gonorrheal infection. The procedure is carried out by an expert. For those who do not know, bougie is a device designed to explore and expand channels. Before the procedure, the doctor flushes the cavity of the urethra with a solution consisting of oxycyanide mercury. This procedure affects the flora of the secondary type. The patient’s bladder should also be filled with the solution, followed by the process of active massage of the channel.

Tool Types

Earlier, we considered that for the procedure, special tools would be needed – bougie, they can not only expand it, but also restore the original state of the mucous membrane. The procedure is carried out with different tools, their choice depends solely on the purpose of the massage, the bougie can differ not only in form but also in material, and for example, it can be given to metal or plastic. Metal bougie is great for restoring damaged tissue, and plastic for diagnosis. The metal tool is divided into several types depending on the features of the future procedure. The following types can be distinguished:

  • Straight lines are used exclusively in the field of female urology;
  • Curved bougie suitable for examining the male urethra;

A long instrument is used for diagnostic measures and for the treatment of the stronger sex, since in men the urethra has impressive dimensions, although it is rarely used to treat women.

In addition to even the bougie you can find tools with extenders, they are located at the end or in the middle of the device. With the help of such a tool, the doctor has the opportunity to examine the urethra practically at any point, and it also increases the quality of the elimination of the ailment for which even bouges are meaningless. The funny fact is that instruments and synthetic materials are excellent for diagnostics and therapy, since they penetrate the urethral cavity remarkably, rarely lead to injuries or tearing of tissues, which cannot be said of metal devices. However, the use of the first ones is unacceptable during treatment, according to the WHO rules; therefore they are used only for diagnostic measures.