Household dildos to improve your sex life

Choosing the Right Dildo from Your household or Sex toy Shop

Dildo differently called dildo. This is one of the most popular accessories for masturbation and sex with a partner. If you have not had experience of using sex toys, be very careful when choosing a dildo as this material will be your assistant in this matter. Using expert advice, you will avoid disappointment and get a great, unclouded pleasure. The finale of utilising the right matched dildo will be a beautiful, intense orgasm. So, where to start choosing a dildo?

Determine the size

Online shop Romantic-shop offers dildos of various sizes. There is a dildo measuring 10 centimetres, 15 or more. Having made your choice in favour of the dildo on the suction cup, you can use it and simultaneously free your hands. Dildos are on sale with processes that allow simultaneously stimulating the clitoris, anus. When deciding on the size of a dildo, think about which size of a penis is most preferable for you. The best dildo is a sex toy that is slightly larger than the ideal penis for you.

The form

Online shop Romantic-shop offers lovers of sensual pleasures dildo of various shapes. With them, you will get dildos with a scrotum and without. In their assortment, there are realistic dildos. Dildos that are casts of the genitals of stallions, kangaroos and other animals are in high demand. These dildos are in category Zoo-erotic. In the same group are dildos that embody the genitals of fictional characters: Spider-Man, Hulk, and Avatar. The choice of the dildo on site is extensive. It allows you to satisfy the most sophisticated wishes.

Two-headed dildos allow vaginal and anal penetration simultaneously. They are suitable for sex with a man, sex of two partners, masturbation. Two-headed dildos can easily penetrate immediately into both partners. Dildos are straight and curved. Curved dildos are the best suited for stimulating point G.

Dildo material

Now the most popular article for making dildo is silicone. This is a durable material. It is easily cleaned, has no pores in which bacteria accumulate. Silicone for the production of dildos and other sex toys used individual, medical. Manufacturers also produce gel dildos. But gel dildos have a porous structure. They are not endowed with long service life, unlike silicone ones. Gel dildos keep bacteria in themselves, so these dildos must be a toy for one or a constant pair. Plastic dildos also deserve praise. They are durable, easy to clean, safe for health.

Dildo with vibration

You can buy a dildo, equipped with a vibration mechanism. Just insert batteries or rechargeable batteries and enjoy. If your dildo is also on the suction cup, you can “ride” it, sitting on top. Such dildos are usually made without a device to stimulate the clitoris. Still, rarely a copy of a dildo can “kill all the hares at once”, but there are more or less universal models.

Price of dildos

For the price, dildo differs from each other. The amount depends on the manufacturer, material, functions of the dildo. But in general, they are not expensive sex toys. This is one of the most affordable intimate products. When buying a dildo, do not forget about the cleaning agent for it. Monitoring the hygiene of sex toys is essential. And you must remember this.

Types of dildos

One of the most popular sex toys in the world is a dildo. People began to create them even before the civilised era; archaeologists found the first dildos, which were made in 5 millennia BC. But modern models of the phallus are much more practical and convenient. To buy a quality phallus, you need to figure out which models are and how they differ.

Dildos for women

Dildos are suitable not only for masturbation, although initially explicitly intended for this. Today, a similar sex toy can be used in pairs to expand the sensations of intimacy significantly. Who needs such a device?

  • People who want to try double penetration without involving a third partner.
  • For those who like to demonstrate their games. This is an opportunity to increase trust between partners, and also to suggest which caress excites the most.
  • For those who want to try a larger size. There are even giant dildos that are ideal for fisting.
  • Women who do not have enough sex with a man. With the help of the phallus, you can have fun at any time, even if a loved one is not around.
  • Those who do not have a partner but want sexual satisfaction.

Any sex toy brings a variety of relationships. Buying stimulates interest, causes new experiences, so this opportunity to improve communication is not recommended to be ignored.

Dildo application

Dildos are diving sex toys. They are introduced into the vagina or anus and get pleasure through translational movements. Use as usual sexual frictions. But sometimes just a toy placed inside, without change, can give bliss.

  • Proper use of artificial phallus begins with the application of lubricant. Lubrication makes the device easier to slide in the body. Oil prevents the occurrence of microtraumas, makes the mucosa less vulnerable to nausea.
  • For anal and vaginal stimulation you need to use different sex toys. The microflora of the holes is diverse, and the bacteria from the anus should not enter the vagina, it can cause infections. But if the need for alternation is excellent, put a condom on the phallus, and change it, choosing another hole. Or adequately disinfect a sex toy, for example, you can even boil a glass thing.
  • Phallus for vaginal sex can be dangerous for games with the anus. He is not equipped with a special limiter, which does not allow him to plunge too far. As a result, the device may be in the anus entirely, to retrieve it will have to contact the medical centre. For the caresses of the anus, you need to use particular anal stimulants that are safe and practical.
  • Proper cleansing is the key to user safety and long service life for sex toys. Wash the dildo after each use. For cleanup, a suitable detergent is selected that removes all body fluids from the surface. If the phallus is not cleaned in time, bacteria will develop on it that will damage the surface or threaten the health of the user.
  • Keep the phallus in a separate case or pouch. Most materials deteriorate from dirt, dust, direct sunlight. Realistic phalluses are also poured with special talcum powder so that the content is velvety to the touch during the entire period of use. If you are using household dildos, then keep them separate ate don’t use it for any other work.

The dildo may have additional functions, which expands the possibilities of its use. These aspects can be used or not, they are not reflected in the primary method of application, but significantly increase the price of sex toys.