Kegel Exercises Can Improve Your Sex Life at Home

The Strong Muscles of the Vagina: The Guarantee of Health and Success in the Intimate Sphere

Strengthening the muscles in the vagina is necessary not only to bring yourself and the sexual partner extra pleasure. Strong muscles of the vagina – is the ability to control labour and the prevention of age-related female diseases: prolapse and prolapse of the uterus.

Problems Associated with Weakening of the Muscle Tissue of the Pelvic Organs

Women after childbirth or with the approach of older age begin to notice that they have an unpleasant problem: with sudden movements, when coughing or sneezing, urine starts to stand out.

This is because the muscles that support the uterus weakened, and it begins to put pressure on the bladder. Physical effort – the ligaments stretch even more, and due to the increased demand, the uterus causes the bladder to contract involuntarily.

More often than not, uterus descends and can even go out of the vagina. This is caused by weak vaginal muscles. It can be noticed at an early stage during a gynaecological examination, and at a later stage, according to the complaints of the woman. During walking, the sensation of having a foreign body in the perineum is created.

It happens that a woman pays attention to back pain and it seems to her that this is due to lumbar radiculitis. She begins to rub the lower back with various particular means, but the pain does not subside. Pain in the back can occur when staying upright for a long time if the muscles in the vagina are weak.

When the ligaments are stretched, it is impossible to get a full orgasm, during coitus – instead of pleasure-pain is felt. A woman begins to avoid intimacy; it can lead to the collapse of the family.

The ligaments can be tightened and the organs put in place with the help of surgery. But if a woman, conscious of her problem, masters the complex of gymnastics for the muscles of the vagina, then the operation may not be necessary.

The Effectiveness of Kegel Exercises

Arnold Kegel, a professor, obstetrician-gynaecologist, decided to help women avoid unpleasant moments in intimate life and developed special exercises that strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Kegel gymnastics not only helps to avoid problems with urinary incontinence but also to make labour less painful, to prevent perennial rupture during them. By the way, for prostate, men should also strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Women practising vaginal muscles feel positive changes in their condition:

  • Libido increases;
  • General well-being improves;
  • The elasticity of the ligaments of the gynaecological organs is restored;
  • There is a strengthening of muscles after a sharp weight loss or weight gain;
  • Cease to disturb the urinary system;
  • Vaginismus is present – spasmodic contraction of the vaginal and perennial circular muscles during intercourse.

To perform Kegel exercises, special conditions are not required. You can do this at home and on the street, unnoticed by everyone. However, before you begin to engage, you need to learn how to feel your muscles. If you have any doubt about do Kegel exercises tighten your Vagina or not, then you can be assured that after doing it on a regular basis you will be delighted with the results.

Intimate Gymnastics

There are several complexes for training the vaginal muscles, among which there are special exercises for pregnant women and women who have recently undergone childbirth. Before preparing to strengthen the muscles will begin, they need to learn how to feel. There are two ways to do this:

  • During urination with legs apart, one must learn to stop, abruptly interrupting the urine stream;
  • Insert a finger into the vagina and try to squeeze it.

From the first time, the action may fail. But as soon as they are mastered, you can begin classes. During intimate gymnastics, all the muscles of the vulva are strengthened, including the orgasmic cuff – the muscle fibres around the vaginal opening. Conscious contraction of the muscles in the vagina should begin to master lying down:

  • Lie down and stretch your legs. Try to strain for 10 seconds, and then slowly relax. No more than ten repetitions;
  • Abbreviations are performed abruptly, 5 seconds each;
  • Strain the muscles of the vulva is required on the rise. It is necessary to increase the tension slowly, and just as slowly relax.

To successfully master the exercises, you need to start doing them from 5 times a day, and gradually bring up to 30 repetitions. After the muscles get used to the activities, they need to be complicated. Perform standing, sitting, lying with legs spread, squatting. Pregnant women are recommended to master the Kegel complex while lying on their backs. After giving birth, you can begin to do exercises already in the postpartum ward.

Stimulators for Training the Muscles of the Vulva and Pelvic Floor

Kegel not only developed an intimate gymnastics technique. He also proposed a simulator to stimulate the muscles of the vagina, and this simulator was also given his name. With the help of this device, it is much easier to strain the muscle fibres consciously, making the contraction easier to feel. The simulator is a phallic rod, which has several small spherical inserts, or a small rod, at the end of which a ball is mounted. Exercises are performed as follows:

  • The rod is inserted into the vagina;
  • With the help of muscles, you need to try to cover it in such a way that it is impossible to stretch yourself out easily.

As simulators, vaginal balls, rubber pears resembling a hand tonometer pear are also used – only with the opposite effect. At a tonometer when pumping a pear the cuff increases. When injecting a vaginal device with a particular pump, the pear itself increases.


Vaginal Exercises

What exercises with vaginal equipment should begin after the Kegel gymnastics is sufficiently mastered. It is required to start to engage in lying position, but success is possible only when all actions are easily performed while standing.

  • Starting position: legs shoulder-width apart, arms at the waist, knees slightly bent, back straight:
  • You need to fully control your movements, feeling with the vagina the surface of the simulator selected for training;
  • The ball is located at different levels: closer to the cervix and at the very entrance;
  • It is necessary to relax very slowly and carefully – muscle fibres are strengthened at this stage;
  • The ball should not fall out.

The goal of the action is to learn how to roll the ball purposefully and throw it out without using your hands. Not only is the depth of the simulator, but also the speed of movements controlled. No need to be scared if during training an orgasm occurs. These exercises and should be fun. Women must understand: having mastered the complex of Kegel exercises, not only can one feel young in an intimate sense. These classes are the best prevention of age problems.