Yoni Eggs Can Sexify Your Home

Yoni eggs will help the ladies with Incontinence

Nephrite is a beautiful and healing natural stone. Since ancient times, it has been used by craftsmen to make jewelry, interior items and household items for example; massagers and even a Yoni egg for training intimate muscles no longer surprise anyone. You won’t be surprised with the egg yourself, but the question “Do yoni eggs help with incontinence” remains pore rather common.

Yoni Egg Training

In order to train the muscles with Yoni eggs to be really useful for the woman’s body and not to harm him, it is necessary to follow a number of rules:

If you have never, in principle, engaged in the development of your intimate muscles or used a training method for strengthening MTD, then you should prepare your body for the upcoming load: start 7–3 days before training with Yoni eggs several times during the day a series of idle compressions and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum (Kegel exercises, but without the use of a special simulator). Otherwise, without preliminary preparation for classes with Yoni eggs, your “Yoni practices” at the initial stage may be accompanied by painful sensations or constant loss of cargo from the vaginal canal.

Before using Yoni eggs, you need to separate the work of the MTD and the abdomen, learn how to manage these muscle groups independently of each other. Otherwise, you will create extra stresses in the body that prevent the exercise exercises with a load (especially where you need to move it up and down).

Develop management skills in all areas of MTD: urethral, ​​vaginal and anal sphincters. Understanding exactly which muscles work during the workout, you minimize the appearance of straining and excessive muscle tension, which are not involved in the movement of the Yoni egg inside the vagina.

Learn how to work the diaphragm. This organ is involved in the creation of dilution in the abdominal cavity and the cavity of the vaginal canal (vaginal air suction), participates in the formation of intra-abdominal pressure (the push effect).

Watch when you create intra-abdominal pressure so that the muscles of the pelvic floor remain well drawn. The muscles of the perineum should not be forced through by pressure; they are either stronger than him, or pulled with the same force with which intra-abdominal pressure tries to force them. Otherwise, the non-observance of this most important rule provokes the appearance of prolapse of the female pelvic organs, the development of hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence.

Pregnant women should take training with Yoni eggs especially seriously: at this stage they are not allowed to perform the entire list of exercises for MTD. Consultation with a specialist is required.

Yoni Egg in Solving Women’s Problems

The practice of the east and modern experts suggest improving the condition of a woman with a simple simulator. The purpose of use is training the vaginal muscular wall. It allows the woman to further regulate the volume of the vagina to make it narrower. Accordingly, a more dense girth of the penis with the vagina brings brighter sensations during intercourse, regardless of the size and individual anatomical features of the genital organs of the partners.

In addition to the pleasant sensations, possession of the vaginal muscular wall has practical benefits. The trained muscular wall acquires elasticity and quickly contracts, which allows the vagina to return to its original size much faster after childbirth. In addition, the so-called dead zones inside the vagina are being developed, areas that are not affected during even the most turbulent proximity. Strengthening blood flow due to specific massage when using Yoni eggs leads to a significant reduction in the risk of stagnation.

The origins of the development of intimate muscles lie in the ancient sacral practices and cultures of different nations. Keeping intimate muscles in shape was cared for at all times, in every society. The techniques of possessing intimate muscles are known in ancient times – America and other eastern countries from ancient times for some purpose practiced the art of controlling intimate muscles and the transfer of skill from generation to generation. For the development of the muscles of love, stone and wooden eggs were used, various simulators, invented different ways to train the muscles of the pelvic floor and the vaginal canal. Such studies are described in the Kama Sutra, sources of Tantra and Taoist sexual practices, and other ancient treatises. In China, the secrets of developing intimate muscles were associated with energy practices and only the emperor’s wives learned these secrets by practicing techniques to control intimate muscles with Yoni eggs.

In the modern world, the science of strengthening intimate muscles has been developed by Arnold Kegel, a professor of medicine at the University of Southern California, USA. In the late 1940s, Kegel investigated the mechanism of urinary incontinence in women after childbirth. Having found the cause in the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, he saw the solution to the problem of restoring and pumping up these muscles. Arnold Kegel developed and offered his patients a set of special exercises that, after giving birth, cough, sneeze or laugh, suffered from incontinence, and also developed the first modern simulator. Currently, the name of Kegel is known throughout the world. His methods as well as various modifications of the simulator created by him are used in many medical institutions.

Testicles for yoni

What are testicles for yoni from natural stones, how they can help in the training of intimate muscles, in what practices they can be used, what safety precautions are and why not all testicles are equally good, – these questions are answered by specialist in stone properties and energy practitioners.

Since ancient times, people have used egg-shaped for yoni simulators. An egg is a very feminine symbol, reminiscent of children and care, conception and vitality, life, harmony and fertility. There is a lot of energy hidden in the egg. In addition, the egg shape is physiological for a woman; it is convenient to carry it inside. The most versatile testicle size is medium (height 31-33 mm) —this testicle usually fits all.

Natural stone is a living organism, it has a soul. Unlike medical latex, from which pneumatic simulators are made for training intimate muscles, the stone affects not only the muscles themselves, but also the micro-flora and energy. The quality of the stone is very important, high – quality jade testicles are made from natural Sayan jade. All the stones you use are certified regularly.

The effects of testicular use are several.

Physical: improved micro-flora (gynecologists are surprised!), Menstruation passes faster and easier, the body becomes more flexible.

Sexual: the partner feels that in sex a woman becomes more “in dialogue” and is delighted with the “new horizons” that has opened

Sensitization: in sexuality, and just in communication with your body.

Energy: an increase in the amount of energy and a change in its quality for the better, you are less tired, you feel more strength and joy. Other practices like yoga and qigong will go better and deeper.

Psychological: care and elaboration of fears, increasing attractiveness for men, contact with their feminine nature.

The testicle becomes your friend and partner, feels loved and close, and gives support.

Household dildos to improve your sex life

Choosing the Right Dildo from Your household or Sex toy Shop

Dildo differently called dildo. This is one of the most popular accessories for masturbation and sex with a partner. If you have not had experience of using sex toys, be very careful when choosing a dildo as this material will be your assistant in this matter. Using expert advice, you will avoid disappointment and get a great, unclouded pleasure. The finale of utilising the right matched dildo will be a beautiful, intense orgasm. So, where to start choosing a dildo?

Determine the size

Online shop Romantic-shop offers dildos of various sizes. There is a dildo measuring 10 centimetres, 15 or more. Having made your choice in favour of the dildo on the suction cup, you can use it and simultaneously free your hands. Dildos are on sale with processes that allow simultaneously stimulating the clitoris, anus. When deciding on the size of a dildo, think about which size of a penis is most preferable for you. The best dildo is a sex toy that is slightly larger than the ideal penis for you.

The form

Online shop Romantic-shop offers lovers of sensual pleasures dildo of various shapes. With them, you will get dildos with a scrotum and without. In their assortment, there are realistic dildos. Dildos that are casts of the genitals of stallions, kangaroos and other animals are in high demand. These dildos are in category Zoo-erotic. In the same group are dildos that embody the genitals of fictional characters: Spider-Man, Hulk, and Avatar. The choice of the dildo on site is extensive. It allows you to satisfy the most sophisticated wishes.

Two-headed dildos allow vaginal and anal penetration simultaneously. They are suitable for sex with a man, sex of two partners, masturbation. Two-headed dildos can easily penetrate immediately into both partners. Dildos are straight and curved. Curved dildos are the best suited for stimulating point G.

Dildo material

Now the most popular article for making dildo is silicone. This is a durable material. It is easily cleaned, has no pores in which bacteria accumulate. Silicone for the production of dildos and other sex toys used individual, medical. Manufacturers also produce gel dildos. But gel dildos have a porous structure. They are not endowed with long service life, unlike silicone ones. Gel dildos keep bacteria in themselves, so these dildos must be a toy for one or a constant pair. Plastic dildos also deserve praise. They are durable, easy to clean, safe for health.

Dildo with vibration

You can buy a dildo, equipped with a vibration mechanism. Just insert batteries or rechargeable batteries and enjoy. If your dildo is also on the suction cup, you can “ride” it, sitting on top. Such dildos are usually made without a device to stimulate the clitoris. Still, rarely a copy of a dildo can “kill all the hares at once”, but there are more or less universal models.

Price of dildos

For the price, dildo differs from each other. The amount depends on the manufacturer, material, functions of the dildo. But in general, they are not expensive sex toys. This is one of the most affordable intimate products. When buying a dildo, do not forget about the cleaning agent for it. Monitoring the hygiene of sex toys is essential. And you must remember this.

Types of dildos

One of the most popular sex toys in the world is a dildo. People began to create them even before the civilised era; archaeologists found the first dildos, which were made in 5 millennia BC. But modern models of the phallus are much more practical and convenient. To buy a quality phallus, you need to figure out which models are and how they differ.

Dildos for women

Dildos are suitable not only for masturbation, although initially explicitly intended for this. Today, a similar sex toy can be used in pairs to expand the sensations of intimacy significantly. Who needs such a device?

  • People who want to try double penetration without involving a third partner.
  • For those who like to demonstrate their games. This is an opportunity to increase trust between partners, and also to suggest which caress excites the most.
  • For those who want to try a larger size. There are even giant dildos that are ideal for fisting.
  • Women who do not have enough sex with a man. With the help of the phallus, you can have fun at any time, even if a loved one is not around.
  • Those who do not have a partner but want sexual satisfaction.

Any sex toy brings a variety of relationships. Buying stimulates interest, causes new experiences, so this opportunity to improve communication is not recommended to be ignored.

Dildo application

Dildos are diving sex toys. They are introduced into the vagina or anus and get pleasure through translational movements. Use as usual sexual frictions. But sometimes just a toy placed inside, without change, can give bliss.

  • Proper use of artificial phallus begins with the application of lubricant. Lubrication makes the device easier to slide in the body. Oil prevents the occurrence of microtraumas, makes the mucosa less vulnerable to nausea.
  • For anal and vaginal stimulation you need to use different sex toys. The microflora of the holes is diverse, and the bacteria from the anus should not enter the vagina, it can cause infections. But if the need for alternation is excellent, put a condom on the phallus, and change it, choosing another hole. Or adequately disinfect a sex toy, for example, you can even boil a glass thing.
  • Phallus for vaginal sex can be dangerous for games with the anus. He is not equipped with a special limiter, which does not allow him to plunge too far. As a result, the device may be in the anus entirely, to retrieve it will have to contact the medical centre. For the caresses of the anus, you need to use particular anal stimulants that are safe and practical.
  • Proper cleansing is the key to user safety and long service life for sex toys. Wash the dildo after each use. For cleanup, a suitable detergent is selected that removes all body fluids from the surface. If the phallus is not cleaned in time, bacteria will develop on it that will damage the surface or threaten the health of the user.
  • Keep the phallus in a separate case or pouch. Most materials deteriorate from dirt, dust, direct sunlight. Realistic phalluses are also poured with special talcum powder so that the content is velvety to the touch during the entire period of use. If you are using household dildos, then keep them separate ate don’t use it for any other work.

The dildo may have additional functions, which expands the possibilities of its use. These aspects can be used or not, they are not reflected in the primary method of application, but significantly increase the price of sex toys.

Butt Plugs to Improve Your Home Sex Life

What an anal plug is for: is it really required for better orgasm?

The anal plug was mainly made famous with the work of Paul McCarthy “Tree”. The inflatable sculpture exhibited was supposed to represent a giant tree, but everyone saw, and rightly so, an anal plug. Since this scandal, the sale of this sex toy has increased. But what exactly is an anal plug? What is its usefulness and how does a butt plug feel like?

What is an anal plug?

“Plug” means “socket” in English, probably because of its cone shape allowing a very progressive penetration and it’s narrowing on which the muscles of the anus close. The plug is then formed of a wider base to prevent the penetration is too deep. It is very used in homosexual games, but not only! It can also spice up the sexual relations of a man and a woman. There are different sizes and widths of plugs, different materials (latex, silicone, glass, wood) and also plugs with a small vibration mechanism to facilitate relaxation of muscles and increase sensations.

The use of an anal plug can present some risks like rips of the rectal tissues. It is recommended that you take certain precautions before inserting it. In addition, if it is in contact with blood, stool or vaginal secretions, the plug can lead to sexually transmitted infections. It is best not to insert the object into the vagina after inserting it into the anus and washing it after each use with an anti-bacterial soap.

What is an anal plug for?

For solo masturbation, the anal plug can stimulate your feelings, because the anal area is intimately connected to the vaginal area. If you use the anal plug with your partner, either inserting it into his anus or into yours, you can achieve anal orgasm. Few men know and dare to practice it, but anal penetration with prostate stimulation provides orgasms that is more powerful than phallic orgasms, so you better start practicing butt sex now.

The insertion of an anal plug can tighten the muscles of the vagina and if your partner enters you at the same time, it will give you more pleasure to both of you. Indeed, double penetration awakens the entire sexual area and amplifies the sensations. As for the man, he can feel the plug on the other side of the flesh membrane that separates the vagina from the anal canal and it can also increase his pleasure. To practice double penetration, you have to find the ideal position. You can lie on your back, and as a missionary, the man inserts both his penis into your vagina and the plug in your anus. It is possible to proceed in the same way in other positions such as greyhound, teaspoons and Andromache.

How to use an anal plug?

It is necessary to have first prepared your anus by inserting a finger, you can apply lubricant on the plug and insert very gently. The muscles of the anal area should then relax and wrap around the plug. Then gently rotate it and you can push it a little further.

Once introduced, the anal plug is not normally provided for back and forth. As its name suggests, it only plugs in, and prepares your anus to receive your partner’s penis. There are other sex toys that can prepare your anus to sodomy. If you insert it into your partner’s anus, the manipulation will be the same. As seen above, men often ignore it, because this practice brings them back to homosexuality, but anal penetration can become for them a real source of pleasure.

The “Tree”, inflatable tree of the American artist Paul McCarthy installed Place Vendome, caused a scandal last week. The work, too much like an anal plug, was ransacked, and the artist assaulted. But what is an anal plug, wondering some? Experts tell you more about this sex object.

The functions of the anal plug

The plug is more of an anal preparation accessory than an object of pleasure. Once inserted, it gradually relaxes the muscles around the anus. It also aims to overcome the fear of anal penetration in some people, says sexologist in America. When fear is tamed, penetration becomes commonplace and sexual partners can listen to their pleasure. The anal plug then serves in particular to reach a sensitive area around the prostate. Through the anus, the plug touches this peri-prostatic region by filling it completely.

It can also be used:

  • As a dildo when inserted into the anus or vagina for stimulation and excitement
  • By a single person who keeps it on while engaging in other activities, even in the presence of others, to experience pleasure without it being seen.
  • If it can be used in the anus as in the vagina, the dimensions of the plug are more adapted to the anus.


Anal plug, instructions for use

The anus should be prepared, for example by a massage accompanied by lubricant. The plug is also coated with lubricant and inserted gently. After a few seconds, the muscle relaxes and adapts to the toy. Without pushing it further, one can turn it on itself by progressively widening the circles.

Gradually, the pressure of the muscle will decrease and the plug can be pushed a little further. If for some, this simple penetration is sufficient, for others, a movement back and forth will be required because it stimulates the anal wall, very sensitive. Anal penetration is safe if properly prepared. Also, the plug helps the anus to expand gradually thanks to its conical shape.

The risks of using an anal plug

The use of the plug presents risks, including that of tearing rectal tissues in the case of anal stimulation. The use of a lubricant is strongly recommended. In contact with body fluids (including blood, feces, vaginal secretions), the object can be a vector of sexually transmitted infections. It is also advisable not to put the plug in the anus and then in the vagina afterwards. The object should be washed after each use with an antibacterial soap.

Plugins for all tastes

PVC, latex, metal, silicone, wood there is something for everyone! The anal plug is composed of a broad base and rather flat, a wide part then a narrowing and a fine end, round tip. The base can be a suction cup, but more generally it is a base remaining outside, essential to prevent the plug to remain in the anus.

Sex swings can help your sex life at home

Sexual Swings: Have the Orgasm in an Innovative way

The sex swings are a different way to enjoy sex. They allow practising intercourse while suspended in the air turning the experience into something unique that only a few dare to experience. Sex stores have a selection of the best erotic swings on the market with different features, sizes and shapes. A swing of love can bring that wild touch that was missing in your traditional relationships.

Catalogue of love swings for sex

Such oscillations exist in three versions: with fastening on the door, with fastening on the ceiling and with fastening on a unique metal stand. The most inexpensive and easy to install is a sex swing on the door. Swing for sex with mounting on the ceiling is more comfortable but more expensive. Also here you can buy a different metal rack for sex swings. Such sex swings can be installed outdoors and enjoy sex together in nature.

Types of sex swings

The sex swing is a device that will allow you to expand the number of poses and diversify your intimate life. The feeling of weightlessness and flight, rhythmic swaying – sex will be just awful! Penetration into a woman who sits on a swing is unusually thick and full. Besides, the swing will allow the couple to try intricate poses that are difficult to bring to life within the bed while using the swing does not require much physical effort.

All you need is to let go of your fantasy in free flight, relax and get pleasure. Their designs distinguish the swings presented in the sex shop, methods of attachment and use cases. Don’t hesitate between Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing, the most accessible version of sex swing models are dual hook and attached to the door. Plus these swings – their compactness, ease of installation, the ability to use in any room where there are doors – such a rhythm, you can take with you on vacation or a trip to the country. Your holiday will turn out incredibly bright, saturated and unforgettable. Right, such swings somewhat limit their use.

A more advanced version of the swing allows you to diversify sex, both classic and oral, and anal. These designs are a system of belts that provide support for the back, arms, and legs. Such swings have a more complicated mount system, but the result of their use is worth it! Very interesting and models of rhythm, equipped with a phallus. With such a rhythm, a woman can get unusual sensations without a partner. Well, if next to her is also her skilled lover: the penetration can be double, and the pleasure – multiple. For those couples who love sex on weight, there are models of swings, which are attached to a male partner. Such a fastening allows the partner not to worry about the man dropping her, and the partner has an additional opportunity to caress his beloved.

Sex is learning, learning is transformed into knowledge and knowledge becomes the pleasure. Startup these erotic mechanisms with the help of sexual swings, an accessory with which you can improve your intimate relationships in a playful, sporty and as surprising as a stunt show.

Types of sexual swings: Which is the best for me?

At this point, you should ask yourself what kind of lover you are. If you already have some experience in the most acrobatic version of sex and you like to practice it frequently, you will probably find it more interesting to install a fixed sex swing in your bedroom.

These swings hang directly from the ceiling, so you will need to make a hole that allows you to attach it. Although this type of sexual rhythms can also be removed, the restraint system is permanent, so that piece will remain fixed in the room in which you decide to place it.

If, on the other hand, making love in the heights is pure curiosity or is going to stay in a temporary practice, it will be more convenient that you opt for the demountable swings that do not need any additional installation.

They are usually placed on a door through a comfortable strap system. The freedom of movement is more limited than with fixed sex swings, but the advantage is that you can take it apart in a minute and save it until the next time you want to use it. Besides, as it is a system of nylon and neoprene belts, they hardly take up space.

Tips to use sexual swings safely

  1. Check the weight that the sexual swing can support, whether it is a roof or door model. Remember that you will be suspended in the air, so it is essential to ensure that the swing can withstand your weight without problems.
  2. Choose soft, cushioned materials, especially if you’re still a little green in the use of these types of accessories. Commonly sex swings are made of nylon and neoprene, although in many cases these materials are intended to mimic leather to give it a more sensual appearance.
  3. Take your time to read the instructions of this accessory well and make sure you are going to use it in the right way. In most cases the swings of love are composed of three straps: one that holds the legs, another that lifts you below the buttocks, and a third that raises the back and that can be provided with additional straps for the hands.
  4. Study the positions you can adopt and put them into practice! Among some of the most common places to enjoy sexual swings to the fullest is the hug, the puppy, the pendulum. But be sure that as soon as you set out to try this accessory, you will find new and exciting combinations.

How is love swings used?

Encourage yourself to experience the fetish and domination. The straps are comfortable and soft so that they do not hurt the suspended person. Using this type of swings is very simple because they are accessories with which to experience postures. The love swings for doors are a little more limited when it comes to practising them, although they are very, very suggestive.

Now, if you opt for an erotic swing that hangs from the ceiling, you can carry out a more significant number of positions such as standing on your back with the idea of ​​sitting on your boy or practice the posture of the dog while you are suspended in the air.

An important issue is to keep in mind that, whether you choose a swing that hangs from the ceiling or is one behind a door, you have to make sure of the weight it can bear, for safety reasons. It is also essential that you have proof that your materials are of good quality.

Sex Dolls Can Sexify Your Home

Making of Sex Dolls: Things to Understand Before you Buy

Many things are now perceived as quite natural. Perhaps you have repeatedly noticed that you calmly perceive the most sensational information. You will no longer be disturbed by the news that mankind has taken another step in the development of the solar system, or that the Large Hadron Collider discovered a particle, the existence of which was proved only in theory.

Progress has accelerated so much and joined our present that now it concerns absolutely all spheres of life, even sexual pleasures. The time is not far away when you meet special sex robots, but for now the entertainment industry may well brighten up your loneliness with the help of dolls.

In a few years they will be able to talk and, probably, guess your mood: will it be necessary to start a real relationship with someone? After all, a person is a more complex being; it is much more difficult to accept him. Does this mean that in the future each of us will be doomed to digital loneliness, surrounded by perfect dolls that fulfill any desire? Oh, to hell with this solar system.

Sex toys have become so popular in modern society that individual plants and factories are now engaged in the release of one particular product. For example, in America there is a factory where silicone dolls are made. Because of the high cost, from 5 to 11 thousand dollars, such toys are sold mainly only in America. The buyer is given the opportunity to choose the color of the skin and eyes, the length and color of the hair, as well as the size of the breast.

Making of Sex Dolls

The manufacturer gives a wide range of toy choices and reports that the doll can also serve as a very realistic dummy. It takes about a week to produce an artificial woman. The skeleton of the doll is an aluminum frame, weighing about 40 kg. Inside each product is a heating system.

Silicone ladies are molded in special forms, after which they ensure that there are no defects on them. The doll is first taken out of shape. Removing the protective layer, the factory employee checks the quality. The eyes are made of glass. Customers get dolls wrapped in plastic in special containers. Be sure to ensure that the eyes are on the same level. Ears are made separately and then added to the head with glue. Then they put the final touches. Silicone lady is ready to meet her master. So now you know how are sex dolls made, enjoy with your lovely doll.

Buyers are wealthy men

Today, every second woman in the world refuses to stay at home: to cook, wash, clean, raise children. Women prefer to do business, and all household chores to entrust nannies and housekeepers. When building a career, women often forget not only to learn how things are with children, but they also rarely remember their husbands. And what should a strong half do in this case, go to the side? But in this case, sex dolls come to the rescue.

Who needs sex dolls?

Why do men buy sex dolls? Not only deprived of the attention of women men buy artificial women. Such a choice is often made by single men. In the modern world to find a decent woman can be difficult. Huge demands, high responsibility and frequent failures are scaring away. But sexual needs remain. And then it comes to the aid of large sex toys.

Another doll is a way to experiment. Feelings with her are unusual. Try this sex is interesting. And although it does not always completely replace female affection, it still helps to feel better.

And still sex dolls in their parameters considerably exceed ordinary masturbators. After all, the doll can be used in different poses. You can lean on it or even lie down. It is not necessary to hold it in hand and frictions are committed not by hand, but with the whole body.

Features of sex dolls

A couple of decades ago, no one even could not have imagined that technology would go so far ahead even artificial partners for intimate pleasures would appear. Recently, they have become so realistic that if you turn off the light, you will not even immediately realize that there is a toy in front of you. Such models are very expensive, because they are created from realistic materials.

But there are more options available. Modern toys allow you to get a lot of fun, because there are models with two or even three holes. Therefore, with an inflatable doll you can do not only ordinary sex, but also realize your innermost desires by trying oral, anal and other types of sex, without spending time on persuasion, as is the case with a woman.

Genital organs can be “plug-in.” This makes it easy to clean them after use. Or replace when a certain form is already fed up. Well, if you need to go somewhere, then you can take with you not the whole sex doll, but only a part of it – a vagina or anus.

How to choose a sex doll for a man?

In store you can find a huge variety of dolls for sex. They allow men, who often hear their intimacy in their intimacy, relieve their sexual tension. The catalog of goods for sexual pleasures men are so huge that it is not always possible to find the option that is needed. So, a few tips to help you make the right choice and buy the best sex doll:

  • Choose the right product group. In case, you consider sex dolls, because it is these intimate devices that are especially popular with men. Their variety is very large, you can pick up a blonde, brunette, brown-haired, or one that strongly resembles a celebrity that a man often presents in his wildest dreams.
  • Functionality sex toys. Artificial women allow men to try several types of sex at once. To buy the best of the presented models you should pay attention to the fact that she had not only a vagina, but also an anus and a hole in the mouth. If all this is, then she will not get tired of her owner for a long time and will allow her to diversify her sex life.
  • Price of sex dolls. Do not immediately take what is cheaper; everyone wants to save, but not in this case. It is better to look at dolls of an average price category at once and above. Cheap options may have a number of disadvantages: unpleasant appearance, odor and gnarled seams. Also, cheap dolls can cause the manifestation of allergy, because they are made of low-quality materials, so such a low price.
  • It’s worth choosing not only by quality but also by addiction, because when looking at a doll a desire should wake up from a man. Pay attention to the color of skin and hair, you should also look at the realism of the product.

A quality properly chosen doll will allow a man to satisfy all his desires at any convenient time. With the doll there will be no failures, as with the second half, no restrictions. And it can always be removed in the closet when it is not required. This sex toy is very long, and is a good gift for friends.

Advantages of vibrators for your sex life at home

How to use the vibrator: Instructions for girls

You chose for a long time and finally bought your first vibrator toy. A little worrying and at the same time already quietly aroused by anticipation of unknown hitherto pleasure, you quickly unpack it. And here is what needs to be done while using a vibrator for the first time:

To study the instruction

It is clear that the pens are already drawn to the toy, but the first thing you should take from this box is the instruction.

To begin with, it should be at least superficially reviewed, especially recommendations for use. Attention should be paid to the following points:

  • Is it possible to immerse the device in water?
  • With lubricant on which basis is it recommended to use?
  • How to clean a toy before and after use?
  • How to manage speeds and modes?

Inspect the vibrator.

Now that the first information has been received, you can take an intimate vibrator in your hands, carefully examine it, feel it and make sure that everything is fine (at least outwardly).

Charge or insert batteries.

By this time, you will probably already unbearably want to turn it on. And for this vibrator, you must charge or insert batteries into it. Sometimes they are bundled, and sometimes they have to be bought separately.

Deal with the management.

Now that the device is ready to turn it on, holding it in your hands. Try all modes and control buttons. Having understood the management immediately, you will save yourself from unnecessary difficulties in moments of pleasant experiences.


Before using the vibrator, it is essential not only to wash it but to sanitise it thoroughly. During the production, packaging, transportation, it could touch the wrong hands, and dust could settle on the surface. Therefore it is essential to process the toy with the help of lubricant. These substances can be found in the pharmacy, and they will destroy the pollution that is not visible to the eyes. It is not recommended to use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or other compounds; they can react with the material and damage it.

Two basic vibrator control settings

Each vibrator, depending on its model, will have its own functional set. The basis of the impact is of course vibration, but it can be different depending on the settings. There are two main settings, this is:

Speed ​​(vibration frequency) – the lower the rate of vibrations, the coarser it is, the higher – the smaller it is, and the fluctuations are more frequent. As a rule, this parameter is regulated by buttons or a rotary relay (twist) at the base of the toy. In some models to which mobile applications are created, this parameter can be set directly in the claim itself. See the types of control vibrators.

Figures are when the frequency changes according to a specific pattern (or graphics) in some short period. This drawing is looping and continuously repeating. There may be several such drawings depending on the model. As a rule, the more expensive the vibrator model is, the more vibration patterns it has. They are also switched using the buttons or through the application.

Of course, at the very beginning, when you first start using the vibrator, the drawings will not be useful to you, since these are already more sophisticated settings for more experienced users. You will need the pictures later when you already know a lot about this business and understand your tastes and preferences correctly. If you are just familiar with this sex toy, then it will be enough for you only to regulate the frequency of vibrations (speed).

As mentioned above, when meeting with the device, it is essential to deal with management immediately, so that in the process of caressing you should not be distracted, but quickly adjust the work of the toy to your needs.

Lubricant for gentle interaction with the vibrator

Now that you have understood the functionality of your vibrator and its settings, it is time to mention another critical attribute that is designed to make vibrations and touches even gentler. Talking about lubricants, when using any vibrator is required for the better result. It will help the device slide smoothly over the body. The particular composition of the oil every touch of the vibrator will make it more sensual and comfortable.

Generally, lubricants are on a different basis:

  • On water;
  • On silicone;
  • On oil.

Most sex toys are used with a water-based lubricant. It is suitable for realists, silicone vibrators, devices made of gel and PVC. In this case, the oil can be not only reasonable but also warming or cooling, exciting or flavoured, antibacterial and with anaesthetic. The right option will enhance the experience. You can buy high-quality lubricant in the sex shop or pharmacy.

How to prepare yourself to play with a vibrator?

So, you already have everything you need: you have a vibrator, you have managed to deal with the control, and you have got a lubricant. Everything seems ready to start the minutes of unforgettable bliss. On the technical side, everything is as it is, but it is also essential to take care of your mood.

Usually, girls who turn to their vibro friend already have the appropriate mood (that is why they become to him to realise this mood!). But since you are most likely a newcomer in this matter, it would be useful to give you a few recommendations on how to prepare yourself for games with a vibrator and at the same time get maximum pleasure.

Your main task is to get excited! And for this, each of you needs to decide what most turns you on. For this you can use for example:

  • Reception of a long hot bath;
  • Reading favourite erotica;
  • Use specific music, smells or lighting.
  • Carrying out a sure prelude with itself.
  • Watching porn if this is acceptable to you;
  • The glass of wine. For some, it also helps to distract and relax.

In general, you should choose what will allow you to relax and excite as much as possible. This does not necessarily have to be something that we have cited as an example. It can be anything; the main thing is to achieve the necessary mood and excitement before using a vibrator. To make maximum pleasure, it is essential to know your body well. It is advisable to identify your most sensitive places and points, the stimulation of which will quickly dip you into a sea of ​​blissful sensations.

Are vibrators harmful to health?

With proper cleaning and use of the vibrator cannot be dangerous. It is only necessary to choose the right model. How to do it – read in our article how to pick a vibrator. If you do not have a vibrator yet, but you want to buy it, then expert advise you to a reliable and proven sex toy store which has a vast range of vibrators at the lowest prices.