Sex On Your Household Funiture Can Make Your Sex Life Hotter

How to choose sex furniture

One of the most everyday problems in the life of almost every couple is monotonous and rather annoying poses in sex. It is simply impossible to change it due to the lack of the necessary pieces of furniture that would help the partners to have fun, not caring that the sofa will “sit down” or the springs will come out from the favorite bed. The solution to the problem is to find and buy sex products, namely special sex furniture!

How much time do you spend at home sitting on your favorite bed or sofa? Do you enjoy having sex on furniture that is more suitable for a half-day or night rest and is not meant for making love at all? Have you ever thought about the existence of furniture that could bring you a lot of pleasure, bringing into your life a huge amount of new, unforgettable emotions and sensations? If not, we will be happy to offer you a large selection of this furniture and help you decide on the thing you need with simple recommendations and advice.

  1. What is sex furniture for?

In our mind, the concept of “sex furniture” appeared relatively recently. And you think how many generations of our predecessors used uncomfortable beds with metal frames and a grid, which both strove to give an extra bruise to the body, too soft sofas that did not allow the partner to reach the desired range of motion, too hard floor, from which bruises remained tables that could break at any inopportune moment. We are already silent about window-sills, washing machines and other economic attributes. The result was a general realization that sex is necessary only for the continuation of the human race, and a priori it cannot bring pleasure. The idea of ​​producing furniture for sex arose thanks to the direction of BDSM (BDSM), the slogan of which is “pain, orgasm and submission”. The most skillful ideological inspirers of the BDSM direction managed to invent simple machine tools to which they could tie a partner / partner, completely immobilizing their “victim”. Of course, we immediately note that such devices very remotely resembled those attributes of furniture to which we are so used, and they rather resembled medieval machines for torture. But later comfort was added to the idea of ​​the slogan “pain, orgasm and submission”.

  1. What is sex furniture?

Sex furniture is a class of various pieces of furniture and engineering devices that play a supporting role in the implementation of sexual intimacy, and it is possible that by starting to use such interior items, you will begin to perceive the word “furniture” differently.

For your convenience, we divided the sex furniture into four subcategories, which we will discuss in detail later.

So, as we have already managed to find out – sex on the washing machine, on the windowsill and in the closet is the last century. We offer new items for those seeking a variety of couples, gentle lovers and just people eager to change their sex life for the better.

  1. Subcategories of the goods “sex furniture”

We have already mentioned what kind of furniture for sex, but now we’ll dwell on each subcategory:

Love swings were originally intended for “hopeless” romantics seeking to surprise their passion in such an extraordinary way. We should note that this invention is by no means hopeless, just the exact opposite. Swing of love is a reliable and guaranteed way to give pleasure to both partners! Perhaps the first impression of the swing will cause bewilderment: how can you have sex in the proposed postures? But we assure you that the very next day the result of your efforts will indicate the opposite. An indescribable feeling of sex in weightlessness, flight and pleasure at the same time – this is how it can be best described although it is better to try.

Swings are fixed to the ceiling, in the doorway, on a tree branch or on any crossbar. The highlight of the love swing is the ability to take and move the swing. This is very convenient for couples who love to travel and do not think already making love without their favorite swings.

Swing, as a rule, can withstand the weight of two adults (150 – 200 kg), but carefully read the instructions – some models have a weight limit in motion (rocking). But you can be sure that by transferring some of the weight of the pair to your partner’s feet, you can spin in a magical dance of love without the risk of disabling the swing!

Swings offer a variety of different poses for sex, ranging from sitting face-to-face with a partner, ending with the placement on the swing of one partner from a couple, which is very convenient for oral caresses.

Sex in the shower (bathroom): Most likely, you have long wanted or already had sex in the shower (bath). And how often do you fall and get bruises and abrasions due to the slippery wet surface of plumbing? The romance of “shower” relationships can be hopelessly spoiled by injuries or simply discomfort: there’s nothing to hold on to! Sex in the soul is not very convenient; moreover, it can be dangerous. Wonderful handles with suction cups will gladly help you fulfill your long-cherished dream and diversify water procedures with or without a partner with this shower device, you can have sex as much as your heart desires, no matter how you move into the shower room.

Sex machines made in such a way as to fully translate your most incredible dreams and desires into reality. It is quite natural that sex machines were created for both single use and for two, and perhaps more – how much your imagination and room can accommodate people. Sex machines are easy to manage and fairly simple to customize. A variety of functionality and ease of use will allow you to make a real sex revolution within yourself (perhaps in the truest sense of the word)! The highlight of sex machines is a huge number of different controlled attributes, such as vibrators, nozzles, masturbators, vibroyaytsa and more. After receiving unlimited pleasure, the sex machine is easily packed in a box and does not take up much space in your home. Open the world of new sensations with sex machines!

Furniture for sex: Have you ever thought that furniture can bring you much more pleasure than just serving as a support for you while watching your favorite TV? The sex furniture that we offer will bring variety and a sea of ​​sensations into your life. We guarantee such sensations you have not received! After trying once, you will be surprised by the novelty and, perhaps, upset that you have not tried it before! So:

Chairs for sex will give you a lot of pleasure and new sensations, you just need to read the instructions and get ready for a wave of indescribable orgasm. The design of the chairs is very simple, and most importantly very practical. Unfortunately, the dimensions will not allow hiding this miracle in the closet or under the bed, when friends will descend to you, although it is likely that the guests will deny to check this work of art in action. Although, you can disassemble the chair and hide away from prying eyes – the choice is yours.

The air bed is a luxury item: More precisely the subject of luxurious sex life. The main highlight of the inflatable bed is the complete absence of noise and creaking during sexual pleasures. The only thing you will hear is your own breath and moans. The bed does not complicate movements; you can have sex in any poses that you just come to mind. The bed comes with a variety of sex equipment for lovers of BDSM: clamps for limbs, nipple clamps, a feather for gentle tweaking, a ball in the mouth, a spatula, a satin eye mask. The bed is inflated with a foot pump, which is included.