Using Lotion as a Lubricant at Home

What can never be used instead of lubricant?

Yes, in the films for adults they didn’t use them as a lubricant when there was no lubricant on hand. But this is no reason to do so, honestly. Sex experts say that it begs for this purpose, but in reality, it does not.

Baby oil

If it seems that baby oil is so neutral that it does not hurt, once inside, then you are mistaken. Baby oil increases the risk of fungal infections, as well as pa-bam! – reduces the effectiveness of the condom.


If you did not know, it is vegetable fat baking powder, which is sometimes used in baking. Since it is also oil-based, this substance is also not very “condom-friendly”. Also, as a lubricant, it does not fit. He doesn’t “slide” very well, so for women, it is corny useless. And since the shortening is still intended for the test, and not for the vagina, cause irritation – spit. By the way, do not care too.


You all saw it. Well, that is, one way or another, such a move was a knight you met in erotic novels and 18+ films. But in truth, the idea is terrible. First of all, saliva is not a very suitable lubricant – in the sense that it will take a lot of it to affect. Secondly, like unprotected oral sex, saliva can cause infection.

Body lotion and hand cream

These are the options that are always lying somewhere on the bedside table. For some people, using these products seems like a good idea, because they are also designed for hydration. But moisturising is not equal to lubrication. Do not forget that hand cream or body lotion may adversely affect the pH of the vagina especially if it is products with perfume. So if anyone asks what can you use lotion as a lubricant the answer of yours should be no.

Liquid soap

Don’t use it again. If logic dictates that the cleansing properties of the solvent will not damage the mucous, then you are mistaken. Just as you shouldn’t put liquid soap in your nose, you shouldn’t put it in the vagina – it will only irritate sensitive skin. For intimate hygiene is also necessary to use just special tools.


It would seem, wasn’t it for this purpose created- No, definitely not for this. Vaseline is used for healing. It creates a thin barrier on the skin and is not absorbed. So, if you use petroleum jelly as a lubricant, it will remain on the surface of the vagina. It will also be difficult to wash it from there, and the mineral oils in the composition of Vaseline can react with condom rubber.

Coconut oil

Yes, coconut oil is an excellent tool in all respects – for hair and skin, but not for elegant sex. It works on the same principle as petrolatum: despite its antibacterial properties, coconut oil can act on the vaginal flora and clog pores, and this will cause skin irritation. But if you’re still going to use it as a lubricant, make sure you are dealing with real coconut oil.

Sex without problems: how to choose the right lubricant?

The lubricant is an indispensable genie from a bottle that fulfils our sexual desires. It is an excellent lubricant helps to enhance the pleasant sensations of intimacy and eliminate friction, burning and other troubles associated with hard sex.

Lubrication will save you from unpleasant sensations during sex. It is no secret that lube is a must-have companion for masturbation or petting, and especially for sex toys and anal games.

What kind of lubricant do you need?

In order not to get lost in a massive assortment of lubricants, you must first decide exactly how you plan to use it. There are three types of oils depending on the composition: water-based, silicone and fat. Water-based lubricants are universal because they can be used with any materials – condoms or sex toys. However, they rather quickly dry out and often contain additional additives that are not always useful for sensitive microflora.

Silicone-based lubricants slide for a very long time, smoothing out unpleasant friction as much as possible, and remain slippery even in water, which is especially important if you like to transfer sexual adventures from the bedroom to the bathroom. The main disadvantage of such lubricants – they cannot be used with silicone and toys from the cyber skin.

Fat lubricants that provide very good gliding can only be used for anal sex or male masturbation, as they irritate the vaginal mucosa. And they cannot be used with condoms and many materials of sex toys. Only metal, glass, hard plastic and ceramics are “friendly” with greases.

Also, lubricants are also divided by the type of application. Anal oils contain painkillers or relaxing ingredients that help make penetration more comfortable and more enjoyable. They can be used exclusively for anal sex.

Oral lubricants have different tastes and smell but are unsuitable for vaginal or anal sex. Also, oils are often added components that dull the sensitivity to sexual intercourse lasts longer. The most popular universal gels without additional ingredients that can be used during any games.

What should I look for when choosing a lubricant?

First of all, look at the expiration date and composition. Good water-based lubricants should not contain parabens and glycerin, as they can cause irritation and allergies. Anal lubricants should not choose painkillers, but relaxing ones, because painful sensations muffled by anaesthetic can hide severe troubles. If possible, pay attention to the grease density – thicker grease will retain its sliding properties longer. Packing is also essential: for example, the dispenser is more convenient than a tube with a screw cap that can be lost.

The choice of lubricant – a subject matter, because you will use it often, also, it interacts with the most sensitive areas of the body. A lubricant is a very individual means that you may like very much and not suit your friend at all. Before first use, check the grease on the elbow bend: if redness or discomfort appears on the skin during the day, this remedy does not suit you and cannot be used. Enjoy your slip and new sexual discoveries!